About This Project

We recently collaborated with Hotel Ketchum to create a collection of unique and stylish sherpa hats. Drawing inspiration from the Idaho-based hotel's mission statement, "Start Here, Do Anything", Anthem Branding crafted hats that perfectly embody the hotel's boundless ambition, taking the classic 5-panel hat look, and decking it out with unique textures that makes it stand out from every angle. Anthem's attention to detail and emphasis on customizations makes us the perfect partner for members of any industry: travel/hospitality and beyond! From the bold faux shearling fabric choice for a hotel that knows no bounds, to the screen printed interior taping with their distinct messaging, we truly believe in finding the heart of our partner brands & translating that heart into tangible merchandise. Think: if your business were wearable, what would the piece look & feel like? Let us help you find out.

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Sherpa Hats for Hotel Ketchum