About This Project

333 Divine Savages is an emerging and dynamic startup clothing brand, and they have just unveiled their latest product: a custom hat designed by Anthem Branding, exclusively for those who dare to embrace both the divine and a touch of savagery in their style. This innovative brand caters to individuals with a taste for distinctive and stylish accessories that make a statement.

Their new hats effortlessly fuse high fashion with the brand's distinctive symbol, which draws inspiration from the inner competitive spirit within all of us. It encapsulates a powerful and profoundly positive message, inviting wearers to channel their inner strength and embrace their unique blend of divinity and savagery.

Hat customizations include:

  • Woven Patch + Merrowed Edge
  • Printed Interior Taping
  • Woven Interior Label
  • Materials Tag
  • Interior Crown Screen Print

Available for purchase exclusively here.

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Divine Savages: 6 Panel Flat Brim Trucker Hat