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The collaborative efforts between Anthem Branding and Beboe, a pioneering cannabis company, have once again produced a distinctive and memorable result – this unique tattoo sheet! This isn’t a first for us… check out this bucket hat we created for Beboe last year!

The collaboration between Anthem Branding and Beboe stands as a testament to the diverse and creative range of products that Anthem Branding can bring to life. In the case of Beboe, Anthem Branding's ingenuity extended beyond conventional merchandise, resulting in a custom tattoo sheet that encapsulates the cool and positive energy synonymous with cannabis culture. This unique creation serves as just one example of Anthem Branding's ability to transform brand identity into unconventional and engaging products, showcasing their versatility and innovative spirit. From custom wearables to distinctive promotional items, Anthem Branding's capacity to tailor products to the distinctive essence of each brand is exemplified through this collaboration with Beboe, offering a glimpse into the expansive spectrum of possibilities they can bring to any partnership.

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Beboe Custom Tattoo Sheet

Los Angeles