Which is Best Type of Branded Water Bottle: Steel or Plastic

Branded water bottles are superb promotional products as they provide a practical use; they’re not just generically useless forms of corporate merch.

If the time has finally come for you to start designing and distributing your own branded bottles, you’ll need to settle on the variety that best reflects your needs as a brand.

This means choosing what it’s made out of. Both plastic water bottles and stainless steel water bottles are incredibly popular, and they each have their own unique set of benefits.

To help you decide between the two, here are some prime points to take note of.


Many people opt for plastic water bottles in order to save money and, at the same time, mass-produce a large number of promotional items.

This can come in handy at trade shows or networking events, as you can quickly hand out branded plastic water bottles with ease, and it serves an important impactful purpose while simultaneously advertising your brand.

While the steel water bottles will likely cost more to produce, they may be a necessary cost when you take into account their durability. It would be nice to hand out beautifully made personalized metal water bottles for free at a trade show, but this is probably going to hurt the budget and make far less financial sense than the plastic alternative.

If you wanted to conduct a promotional giveaway, however, you’ll likely want to go for the higher quality that steel water bottles represent.

Environmental Impact

Steel water bottles (like the famous Hydro Flask) may take more energy to develop, but they are infinitely recyclable and vastly more durable than their plastic kin.

If you are worried about your carbon footprint (and you probably should be), then opting for a company whom you can trust to develop eco-friendly products is for the best.

Plastic water bottles don’t tend to be the best way to go in terms of eco-friendly manufacturing practices, as they have a much lower recycling rate than steel and they often end up in your local landfill.

However, you can utilize a form of reusable plastic bottle that is BPA-free, meaning it’s a much eco-friendlier choice than it used to be. You may want to check out our great range of custom water bottles for some greater insight.

Customization Options

When it comes to nifty designs like the double wall insulated or laser engraved bottle, both materials are highly customizable.

Steel will last longer, so it may be easier to customize if you’re taking a long-term approach to your merchandise.

For a design-centric alternative, you should check out the aluminum water bottles; they might have the physical properties you’re looking for.

If you simply can’t decide on a water bottle, or you’d rather opt for a different type of sophisticated canteen altogether, it’s worth thinking about introducing some custom tumblers into the mix.

The Verdict

Customized plastic water bottles will nearly always be the cheaper option, and the high quality they boast nowadays (complete with high reusability and popularity rates) make them a strong contender.

The classic 25oz wide mouth steel bottle has some massive advantages when it comes to durability and its ability to regulate the temperature of fluids, particularly in a dedicated insulated water bottle.

Your choice should come down to your needs and the needs of those who are actually going to be using the water bottle in the first place.

Maybe a squeezy plastic option would be better for those of you looking for sports bottles, whereas a full color steel one might be suited to a more sophisticated look. The choice is yours.