Top Branded Outdoor Sports Merchandise Ideas

Sports fans tend to love their merch, and no matter the event, there’s going to be an opportunity to boost your brand with the help of some cleverly selected promotional products.

Whether you’re into hosting sports charity events for your company, you sponsor a sports team, or you’re a sports company yourself, the right merch is a must in terms of your branding efforts.

If you happen to be out of ideas and you’ve got a sports event right around the corner, or you need some inspiration just in case, here are some suggestions you may find useful.


Branded t-shirts are a touchstone of sports event merchandise. If you can manage to nail this fundamental aspect of marketing goodness with a few bespoke designs, you shouldn’t ever go too far wrong. You may want to check out how we make high-quality custom t-shirts using screen printing for a prime example of what to offer your audience.

The best designs compliment the occasion, bear the colors of your audience’s team, and of course, subtly sell your company image at the same time.

It’s important to offer a different type of t-shirt, too, like long-sleeved t-shirts, as being able to showcase a variety of styles and designs can widen your merch appeal.

If you’re lucky, you can turn your t-shirts into a collectible, and you’ll have people clamoring to get hold of your merch!

Offer some matching custom hats, too, as these can complement the rest of your merch or serve as a cheaper and easier alternative if someone doesn’t want to fork out for a t-shirt.

Face Masks

A custom face mask makes for a desirable piece of sports event merchandise nowadays, for obvious reasons, so why not come up with some beautiful and relevant designs?

It could be as simple as a plain mask with the badge of a sports team and your company logo in the corner or as intricate as a multi-tonal statement-making color print – whatever you decide to go with, it should be unique and compliment your brand.

Water Bottles

Sporting events might be the perfect place for custom water bottles. Some games can result in an incredibly long day for everyone involved, so selling some useful and aesthetically pleasing branded sports merchandise in the form of a cool bottle could be your best bet.

Perfect for running events of any kind or simply just sitting around in the midday sun, water bottles are an immensely popular personal accessory and an ideal merch opportunity for sports event marketing professionals everywhere.

Tote Bags

People need somewhere to stow all their swag, so you should make sure you provide the right options, and who doesn’t love a tote?

Ideal for housing the customized tees you’ve already sold them, the tote bag is an old favorite, a cost-effective money magnet, or even just a free gift you can give away for some organic marketing goodness.

The power of sports event merchandise should not be underestimated, so get out there and start designing for your next big kickoff.