The benefits of eco-friendly water bottles

Are you looking for a new water bottle?

Whether you need a water bottle for personal use or water bottles for your business, there are so many benefits to choosing eco-friendly water bottles over standard plastic ones.

From reducing your carbon footprint to helping you save money to enhanced longevity, read on to discover seven benefits of eco-friendly water bottles.

Plus, how to choose the perfect eco-friendly bottles for you or your business.

They are better for your health

Did you know that drinking from plastic bottles comes with a whole host of potential health risks? Not only can the toxins and chemicals from the plastic leach into the water, but bottled water can even contain disturbing levels of microplastics.

However, when you choose to use an eco-friendly water bottle that is made from a material such as stainless steel, you do not need to worry about the quality of your drinking water.

They help to reduce your carbon footprint

Unlike plastic bottles, which more often than not end up in landfills, eco-friendly water bottles or reusable water bottles use less plastic and can help you reduce your overall carbon footprint and plastic waste.

If you are a business, then you will know only too well how important your sustainability efforts are to both your existing and new customers. Eco-friendly bottles make great promotional products that can be given away at local events or in-store.

They can help you to save money

If you tend to buy a plastic water bottle or two most days of the week, then you could enjoy significant savings by switching to a reusable bottle.

All you need to do is make the initial investment in environmentally friendly custom water bottles, and then you can fill it up for free with tap water as often as you want.

They are long-lasting

Plastic water bottles, even reusable ones, are prone to cracking or breaking, which means you will need to replace them regularly.

However, you can find eco-friendly water bottles that come with a lifetime warranty, meaning you will never need to purchase another water bottle again!

They are stylish

Most disposable water bottles are bland, boring, and unoriginal. Fortunately, this is not the case when it comes to eco-friendly bottles.

You can find eco-friendly bottles in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs. For example, you can get custom tumblers, glass bottles, and even ones that come with a stylish bamboo lid.

Basically, whatever your individual style and eco-preferences, you can find the perfect water bottle.

They can be used for hot beverages too

If you are after a multi-tasking bottle that can be used to keep water cool in the summer and hot drinks warm in the winter, then you need a hydro flask. With the ability to keep liquids for up to 24 hours and hot for most of the day, you won’t even need to waste your money on a store-bought coffee or other hot beverage ever again.

They are BPA free

BPA is a chemical that is present in hard plastics such as those used to make plastic water bottles. Studies have shown time and time again that exposure to BPA can disrupt the function of your endocrine system.

BPA is also believed to affect children’s behavior, and research suggests that there is also a possible link between this chemical and increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

However, when you choose an eco-friendly water bottle, you do not need to worry about this potentially dangerous chemical.