Lone Tree Brewing Company's New Seasonal Label Designs

Lone Tree Brewing Company, a community-focused European-style craft brewery and tasting room located in Lone Tree, Colorado, is rolling out two new lines of experiential canned brews, a recent strategic growth move from the brewery.

Lone Tree Brewing Company limited release design system

Lone Tree Brewing partnered with us to create new can designs for both of their limited release series. Each system has its own unique and distinct style that speaks to the ethos of the craft beer brand, which is consistent with their core series in order to create a visual link for its consumers.

The goal of the designs, says Creative Services Manager at Anthem Branding, Jacki Ognibene, is to highlight and signify that these beers are special, limited, and brewed exclusively by Lone Tree.

This series offers extremely limited, high-quality seasonal beers at a premium price point — formerly sold in bombers — that will transition to the new cans.

The designs for the series incorporate a subtle woodgrain pattern. The labels embody a clean and modern design with a bold flavor descriptor to highlight their seasonally matched style.

Pineapple Sour is the first of the Branching Out series to hit the market this year.

Hoppy Little Trees

Exclusively released in cans, Hoppy Little Trees is a new rotating hop project for the brewery. Labels were designed to uniquely trigger an experimental feel just like the crafted IPA inside.

We developed a wildly enticing landscape illustration for the series to attract adventurous drinkers in a creative way, says Ognibene.

The Centennial IPA is the sixth beer to come out this year as part of the brewery’s rotating series.

What makes great retail packaging

It’s all about the details. We collaborate with clients to transform their brand into a unique visual identity through custom retail packaging and seasonal label design. The objective for each project is to deliver an authentic branded experience to the consumer and extend your brand story to them in order to build a connection in a genuine way.

Each of these designs for Lone Tree is a great example of how a thoughtful and compelling message will distinguish your product and invite consumers to take a closer look.

Here at Anthem, our team will work with you to turn your unique story into engaging package design.

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