Inspiration For Your Booth Display Ideas

Trade show marketing is an art in itself, but you have plenty of booth display ideas to take inspiration from. If the goal of attending trade shows is to increase brand awareness and attract customers, then your booth display needs to stand out to trade show attendees, while at the same time reflecting your branding.

That means considering your design options and taking inspiration from some of the best trade show booth display ideas from the past. Your product or service is only part of the trade show experience, make design a key part of your booth and you’ll be far more likely to hit all of your marketing and sales goals.

A Branded Booth

Of course, you’re going to want your booth to be eye-catching so that it will attract customers, but all of the video walls and interactive screens in the world are not going to be doing you any good if those potential customers walk away without a clear idea of who you are.

Branding your booth is essential, following all of your branding guidelines and using custom promotional products that trade show attendees can walk away with. Your branding should be a part of your booth display ideas and is just as important as good lighting and your product or service.

Look Up

Exhibition design ideas usually focus on being eye-catching by being at eye level. Too much trade show marketing neglects to consider perspective. The larger the show, the more likely it is that you'll get big benefits by going higher with your trade show display design.

Extra high banners that can be seen from across the hall can be incredibly high-value because trade show attendees will keep seeing your branding as they wander the other booths. When you're planning your booth design and booth display ideas, remember that a change of perspective can work wonders.

Entertaining Trade Show Attendees

Your team might be as friendly as possible, knowledgeable about your product or service, and wearing your branded clothing and custom made hats, but it’s easy to overlook the fact that to attract visitors you need to have something to offer. The goal should be to give them an activity to do, as well as a reason to do that activity.

Competitions that require trade show attendees to give you their email address for your newsletter, taste tests of your most popular food products, or even games that they can play there and then, can all be great ideas. If you're giving out samples of a product that they can use immediately (like food or drink), think about how you can encourage them to review it there and then in a way that’s visually appealing to other trade show attendees.

A Hands-On Booth Display

Trade show attendees are going to remember you more (or even buy there and then), if they can get hands-on experience with your products. Interactivity is a key advantage of attending trade shows as a seller because you bridge the gap that’s so often missing in e-commerce. Your exhibition booth needs to use all of the booth display ideas at your disposal to ensure that trade show attendees can pick up, touch, taste, and use your product or service.

Even if you only have one option to consider, that’s better than having nothing more than a sales pitch. Allowing for a more hands-on approach is one of the top ways to improve trade show attendee engagement, and one of the more effective booth display ideas for helping you to stand out.

Seating for Trade Show Attendees

It can be a long and exhausting day, wandering from trade show booth to trade show booth, sampling products, and being on the receiving end of endless sales pitches. One of the most popular booth display ideas that are becoming more common to see is the use of seating. Those trade show attendees are going to be spending a lot of time on their feet, so when it comes to your design options, think about offering seating.

Of course, branded seating or promotional products on tables can help boost brand awareness, and if you're offering food or drinks, those seated trade show attendees are going to thank you for it and be more likely to remember you.

Even just a little research will reveal some amazing booth display ideas for your trade show booths. You have more design options than ever, so make sure that your trade show marketing includes giving serious thought to your display ideas. Make interactivity and branding the foundation of your booth display design options, and your time spent at shows will only be of value.