Employee Recognition: 8 Awards and Recognition Ideas

Recognizing your employees has always been an important part of keeping morale, productivity, and loyalty healthy. And this year, employee recognition awards are even more important as we have all been under a new type of pressure we’ve never felt before.

Taking the time to step back and see what your employees have been through this year and spending time to recognize how they’ve prevailed will go a long way.

Plus, a thoughtful award item can help your organizational efforts in keeping engagement in a remote work environment alive and well.

We’ve expanded on the original employee recognition award list we published back in 2017 and paired each with the latest trending brandable custom promotional products.

Remote Employee Recognition

For the remote warrior who has adapted the best to working in a virtual environment.

Recommended award item: Eureka kit

Includes five fun items useful for a (socially distant) weekend getaway!

Best Idea of the Quarter

Recognize that great idea someone had with a branded LED light bulb. Not only is it a great desk accessory, but it’s designed in such a way that makes it feel different, so much so that others may pitch other great ideas just to try and get their own!

Recommended award item: Dimmable LED light bulb

(branding opp is on the top panel of the bulb!)

Employee of the Year

The all-star employee who has outstanding job performance by crushing their goals and setting records.

Recommended award item: VR Kit

Customer Service Award

Goes to the person who never sacrifices best-in-class customer service!

Recommended award item: Bamboo wireless charging pad desktop organizer

Phenomenal Pandemic Parenting Award

Balancing a house with kids who are going to school remotely and maintaining a "normal" work routine is the new parenting challenge.

Recognize the parent at your workplace who has done a phenomenal job at maintaining the right balance, especially, if they made it seem easy. A day off (or two) would be the cherry on top for this one!

Recommended award item: Thermal tumbler

For coffee in the a.m. and something harder by happy hour, these tumblers are perfect!

Runner up: Rest and rejuvenate kit

Fearless Leader Award

You know, they do say that true leaders surface in times of chaos and crisis. Has someone at your organization taken this year by the horns and made the team feel well supported and provided unparalleled guidance and wisdom?

Recommended award item: High-tech watch

Honorary Dog/Cat Support Award

Being at home allows us to spend more time with our furry friends. They’ve not only kept our feet warm throughout the day, but they’ve offered us comfort during a crazy time and helped us manage our stress a bit better. I say that’s deserving of a special treat or two!

Recommended award item: Micro mink sherpa blanket

Tech Titan Award

Goes without saying, if our connectivity wasn’t reliable and secure, this year could have been a more difficult to keep businesses moving and grooving. Our IT teams are always a critical function to making our day run smoothly, technically speaking, but our appreciation is that much deeper this year.

Recommended award item: Bluetooth speaker

Runner up: wireless headphones or earbuds

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