Contactless Customer Appreciation Ideas

Anthem Branding prides itself on the idea that connection is key — tangibly creating a branded experience drives the power of authenticity and relationship. During this time, you may think this foundation that we thrive on is challenged and in some respect it is, but we’d say for the better.

Customer engagement is, and will always remain, critical for business to thrive. The silver lining in social distancing is that we can allow ourselves to get back to the basics of connection, realizing or remembering that it really is the small details that make a big difference.

For example, a handwritten note to say hi, how are you doing?

Or maybe a gift that comes in the mail unexpectedly.

The little details that say it all — time and thought went into everything from the way it was put together and packaging to how it was addressed.

In these strange times, these kinds of crafted moments are more appreciated than ever.

Creating a tangible connection and experience with your customers may look different right now and that’s ok. In fact, it leads teams to think out of the box and get even more creative and authentic in ways their brand can flex and adapt.

Send a piece of your brand straight your customers' homes

You don’t need to break the bank to keep the connection with your customers alive. Consider some small tokens that truly express your appreciation for them now and always.

Here are a few of our favorite gifts that are a good reminder to slow down and appreciate the little things.

Artist book

Packed with 24 Prismacolor pencils, this leather book has over 200 pages to express any level of creativity. Whether your customers are the artsy type or you know are home with their kids, this item is a classy way to say hello. Laser engrave something personal for an added touch of specialness.

Desk gear

Jazz up their home office with some quality and useful gear! A desk set with a desk mat, mousepad, and coaster is the epitome of the small details that make a big difference.

When working remotely, it can be hard to separate home life from work life. Help make the home office a new kind of sacred space with items that are office-worthy.

Custom candle

Hand poured, soy-blend wax with scents like sandalwood, fig, and oakmoss can help encourage some self-care time and make the home office more zen.

Botanical desk caddy

Who doesn’t love a beautiful and functional organizer? They certainly have the power to spark joy.

Playing card case

Screenless activities are surging in popularity! This case holds a standard pack of playing cards.


Big name consumer brands like Kraft Heinz and McDonald’s are hopping on the quarantine puzzle trend. It’s a throwback way to get creative and incorporate the company as a useful activity while many stay at home.

And if you follow the lead Kraft Heinz is taking by running a social media campaign associated with it, you can ask the customers who receive the puzzle to post their progress on social media for more engagement and exposure.

Go as far as creating a special hashtag so a sense of community is formed and built out over time.

Company stationery

When it comes to memorable details, a small hand-written note goes a long way. Get a batch of well-designed company stationery cards made and take the time to write a personalized message inside. Doesn’t need to be a novel; just a short, simple, and sweet hello.

Branded packaging

When the gift arrives at your customers’ doorsteps utilizing our dropship services, that first look at the item should be just as powerful of a brand experience as the items inside.

Customize the shipping box design, have some branded tissue paper wrapping the items inside, and add branded packaging tape for some flare that will help the package stand out.

Plus, having a branded box allows for more brand exposure as it finds its way to the final destination. You never know who you are making a first impression with.

Curate items that fit with your brand and that will surprise and delight your customers

Our team of branding experts can work with you to determine a set of options that perfectly align with your brand industry, quantity, timeline, and budget.