About This Project

The collaboration between Anthem Branding and Stranahan's Whiskey has been a longstanding partnership marked by creativity and mutual understanding - check out more of our creations together here! Anthem Branding's expertise in crafting custom products for Stranahan's has resulted in a duo of polo shirts that perfectly embodies the brand's essence. The shirts seamlessly blend a sleek and simple design with a professional energy, mirroring the sophistication of Stranahan's Whiskey. This collaboration is a testament to the synergy between the two entities, where Anthem Branding's innovative approach harmonizes seamlessly with Stranahan's identity, creating a lasting impression on both collaborators and consumers alike.

With a custom patch label at the bottom, an embroidered logo at the top, and a beautiful logo display behind the collar, this project stands as proof that Anthem takes “custom” beyond the limited customizable area that other merchandise vendors offer. If you’re envisioning it, we can make it.

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Custom Polo Shirts for Stranahan's Whiskey