About This Project

A more health-conscious take on one of the world’s favorite sweet treats, ice cream from Halo Top Creamery completely breaks the association between “healthy” and “bland.” Fewer calories, less sugar, higher protein, and beyond delicious.

We worked with the team over at Halo Top to create custom cooler backpacks that boast the same surprising & sweet pop as their flavor. The Cooler Backpack is made of 4-color-printed poly material with tarpaulin lining. It has durable zippers and nylon webbing, both in harvest tan. The straps are padded to cushion the weight of the ice and drinks, and the front pocket allows easy access to smaller items. Sublimation printing on all the exterior panels allows full-coverage full-color art for the ultimate standout design.

Features & Customizations:

  • 100% Polyester
  • 4CP Sublimation
  • Harvest Tan Webbing
  • Harvest Tan Zipper
  • Scuba Foam Padding
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Custom Cooler Backpack for Halo Top Creamery

Los Angeles