About This Project

All outdoor recreationists are united by the drive to experience the natural world. The Common Wild Initiative was created to demonstrate that people who enjoy being outside are fundamentally more similar than different, regardless of their preferred way of enjoying nature. In the wake of a polarizing election, this project will highlight wide support for protecting the natural world across the entire spectrum of the outdoor recreation industry, showing new and old elected officials the importance of wildlife and wild places and raising funds for conservation.

Anthem Branding produced these custom Hats, water bottles and Mugs to help support the initiative.

How it Works:

Brands from across the outdoor economy will tell the world the great outdoors unites us and is fundamental to the $887 billion-dollar recreation business. These brands will offer a limited-release collection of Common Wild gear and donate 100% of the net proceeds to the conservation non-profits of their choosing.

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Common Wild Initiative