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Collaborating with Humble Oven was an inspiring journey for Anthem Branding. With a shared belief in the importance of quality and hospitality, we were thrilled to partner with this family-run counter-serve restaurant. Understanding their vision to provide exceptional food and a welcoming atmosphere, we set out to create custom branded apparel that truly captured the essence of their brand energy.

The challenge of crafting custom 5-panel corduroy hats for Humble Oven was met with enthusiasm and creativity by our team. We worked closely with Humble Oven to ensure that every detail, from the material selection to the color palette, aligned perfectly with their brand identity. The result was a collection of hats that not only looked fantastic but also seamlessly integrated into the relaxed, down-to-earth setting that defines the Humble Oven experience.

It was a privilege to play a part in helping Humble Oven enhance their brand presence and create a memorable experience for their patrons!

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5-Panel Corduroy Hats for Humble Oven

San Luis Obispo