Apolis Custom Bags

Apolis tote bags have been popular worldwide, and as customers choose eco-friendly and sustainable brands, their popularity will continue. 

Customizing an Apolis Tote Bag

An Apolis custom market bag can be just what you need to get your business noticed. Apolis bags are very Instagram-worthy, and having yours pushed by bloggers all over the world will certainly not hurt your marketing efforts! 

At Anthem Branding, we use the latest technology in digital screen printing to get the best quality design for your tote bags. 

By using digital screen printing, we can produce highly customizable designs. Screen printing allows for incredibly intricate designs on your Apolis bag and is applicable to a wide variety of colors and contrasts. What’s more, the screen printing process means that a custom design can also be used many times in the printing process – there is no need to reproduce it over and over, saving time and money. This is perfect for large orders where you want to create a lasting design to associate with your brand through Apolis custom bags. 

At Anthem Branding, we also use heat transfer printing which is suitable for smaller batches of Apolis custom bags. You might want to use this when producing a product for a particular one-off event or to make something which is a limited edition. 

The Apolis tote bag is handcrafted by employees who receive fair wages and pensions – the focus on employee welfare and sustainable product creation means that each bag is produced to the highest standard, and there is a solid commitment to quality. Associating with brands of high quality will only reflect well on your business; it will show that you have the best intentions and that you care about social causes and environmental concerns. 

As you want to be focusing on quality with your Apolis custom bags, you should take the time to work with a professional designer or branding company to ensure that the design you produce for your custom printing is the best it can be. This should always be the case whether you create a unique look that will always be associated with your brand or change your designs based on one-off events or seasonality to encourage people to buy into your brand and collect all the tote bags you have on offer. You could even work out a set so that people can aim to collect all of them. At Anthem Branding, we are here to work with you to get the outcome you want from your bags. 

The Benefits Of Using An Apolis Tote Bag

An Apolis bag is an excellent choice for your business over another brand of tote bag. The Apolis brand focuses on being eco-friendly and sustainable – paying their workers a fair wage and working towards a better environment. As such, Apolis bags are highly valued amongst eco-conscious customers. In a world where the customer is choosing more and more to buy from a business whose ideals line up with their own and where sustainable living is a higher priority for everyone, choosing Apolis bags aligns your company with a growing market. You will be able to reflect your ideals and show your support for eco-friendly causes by using Apolis custom bags. 

They are also incredibly practical and well-designed. The soft leather handles make the bag easy to use; they are strong and durable and will not cut into the carrier’s hands when they fill their market bag full of heavy produce. 

The jute material which the Apolis bags are made of makes the bag tough, and spill proof material on the inside ensures there is no leakage if something tips inside. The bags also have a roomy design which makes them perfect for carrying large items without distorting the bags or the item.

The spill-proof lining is easily wipeable, so the bag can be used in many different situations (even carrying pot plants!) without worrying that either the bag will get damaged or that it will become unusable for something else at a later date. 

As a result of being a highly functional bag, people that own Apolis custom bags are likely to use it as their ‘go-to’ bag – ensuring that your brand and logo are seen constantly by a wide variety of people. 

How To Wash A Tote Bag

Tote bags should not be put through a normal washing machine cycle – the hot water and constant movement can result in shrinkage of the material (or warping) and even cause the design of Apolis custom bags to fade with time. 

Although tote bags carry a tough exterior, they can still be damaged if treated too roughly. Therefore, if you want to put your bags in the washing machine, make sure you use a cool setting and reduce the spin. 

It is better to simply spot-clean any dirt or stains on your bag as they happen, following the instructions of whatever product you wish to use. 

If the whole bag has become dirty, then you can try doing a handwash. Use whatever your normal product is with lukewarm water in a sink. Try to avoid using harsh brushes or scrubbing at the print design. This may affect the color and the print, so the design may be altered. 

The spill proof inner lining is easily wiped clean, so even if you want Apolis custom bags to be your market tote and exposed to fruit juice when the customer takes produce home – they will still be long-lasting and easily cleaned. 

What Is A Tote Bag Used For?

At its simplest, a tote bag is used for carrying items from one place to another, freeing up your hands for other activities. As the world has come to acknowledge the severe impact of climate change, people have tried to change their everyday lives towards an eco-friendly and more sustainable way of living. As a result, there has been a move away from single-use plastics, and a tote bag is a fantastic solution to plastic bags. Tote bags, like the Apolis customs bags, are designed for longevity and comfort and can be used for generations. 

Tote bags are also fantastic ways to show loyalty to certain causes or brands. The Apolis custom bags can be designed to go with certain causes, to display a business’s commitment to reducing waste, and even to align with social media trends. There is really no limit to what Apolis custom bags can look like, and so they will appeal to many different groups of people – no matter what their priorities! 

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