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Are you looking to stand out at your next industry live event?

Discover our range of premium trade show merchandise that promises to get people talking about your business for all the right reasons.

Whether you want to boost brand awareness, showcase a new product or service, attract new customers, or drive traffic to your website, you won’t find a better selection of promotional items anywhere else.

Explore our full range of merch, including branded hoodies and t-shirts, custom tote bags, customized hats, water bottles, branded wireless charging pads, and many other popular trade show giveaways.

As a leading merchandise design agency, we have access to apparel and accessories from some of the most trusted and sought-after brands in the industry, such as Nike, The North Face, and Patagonia, so that we can give our customers only the best promotional products.

Take advantage of our innovative screen printing services, which are affordable, long-lasting, and perfect for bulk orders. Alternatively, our bespoke embroidery delivers a more prestigious finish, making it a great option for high-end products.

We have helped hundreds of brands, local, national, and international, to create show-stopping merchandise; why not let us do the same for you?

Industry Overview

A great way to generate new business and network with other companies in your industry, there is nothing quite like a trade show to market your brand. Bouncing back from the effects of the pandemic in no time, 2022 saw the return of the trade show, and companies across all sectors couldn’t wait to attend their first event.

For brands that aren’t convinced of the benefits of exhibiting, let’s take a look at a few recent stats.

In 2022, 70% of enterprises generated new leads and brand awareness from exhibiting at a tradeshow. Furthermore, brands that exhibit at live events are 28% more innovative when encountered face-to-face.

In terms of what you can expect in the next 12 months, sustainability will be key, with brands looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly when exhibiting.

Businesses are also focusing their efforts on creating more high-quality promotional giveaways, with tech-based trade show gifts proving to be extremely popular.

Industry Challenges

Competing with other brands is the main challenge that businesses face when exhibiting, with more innovative branding and design techniques than ever before. This means that you have to work even harder to make sure your company gets the attention it deserves.

Trade show and conference attendees often also experience lethargy, with many exhibitors offering the same promotional giveaways they see at every industry event. This can lead to a lack of engagement and fewer people being attracted to your booth.

To overcome these challenges, you need to ensure that you have a visually appealing and memorable display that clearly demonstrates your brand messaging. You also need to provide added value in the form of a unique giveaway or live demonstration.

There is also the issue of generating quality leads, with many brands struggling to separate the casual visitor from someone that is serious about using their business.

Why Choose Anthem Branding?

So, why choose us to design and manufacture your merchandise?

As a forward-thinking branding and design company, we pride ourselves on our creativity and innovation. With a team of talented designers, marketers, and branding consultants behind us, we promise to transform the way you exhibit at live events.

We only use the highest quality materials for our custom apparel and accessories so that you can create branded merchandise that guarantees to last.

We offer one of the largest selections of custom merchandise, with trade show swag to suit all budgets and bespoke branding goals.

Whether you would like our team to create custom designs for you or completely refresh your brand ready for the event, you are guaranteed to be blown away by the results.

How do you attract customers at a trade show with promotional items?

Trying to get your business noticed at a trade show can sometimes feel like an impossible task, with everyone doing whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd. While giving out branded merchandise is nothing new, there are techniques that you can adopt to make sure your promotional items are a huge hit.

Firstly, you need to consider your target audience and what they want from a promotional product. For example, if you operate within the health and fitness industry, a custom water bottle or customized tote bag are both great giveaway ideas.

Alternatively, if you are a brand in the corporate sector, then a popular giveaway could be a branded wireless charging pad or USB flash drive.

The next element to think about it is how you are going to market your giveaways. What elements of your business do you want to showcase? For example, your brand name, company logo, website address, or a new product or service?

If you need help choosing and designing promotional items that guarantee to get you noticed, then get in touch with our branding and design team here today.

How long does custom trade show promotional items take?

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to getting organized for such an event, which is why we provide fast and efficient service to all our customers.

The exact time it takes to design and make custom items depends on what type of products you choose and the level of customization required. For example, if you have branded artwork ready and waiting to go, then our team of designers can get to work right away and have your promotional items delivered within 14 days.

However, if you would like us to design a custom logo or any other branded artwork for you, then the process may take a little bit longer. If you require overseas shipping, this can also add to the length of time it takes for you to receive your custom items.

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