Why Product Packaging Can Make or Break Your Cannabis Brand

Anthem Branding is based in the beautiful mountain town of Boulder, Colorado. Living in this beautiful state, we have access to amazing hiking, luxury ski resorts, and of course, access to recreational and medical marijuana. In the year 2018, nine states have legalized recreational cannabis and 29 have legalized medical cannabis.

Dispensaries are quickly rising in popularity as the negative stigmas of cannabis decrease. Packaging design in this industry is now becoming more sophisticated and on-trend. The best-selling cannabis products on the market today are considered to have some of the best packaging. This is not a coincidence.

Visual appeal is an important part of marketing your product to consumers and should not be overlooked. Now more than ever, it is vital that your logo, color scheme, and overall design all align with your target market before your product hits the shelves. The packaging is more than stamping on a logo, it's about creating a strong first impression, communicating who you are as a company, and building brand loyalty.

Consumers can feel overwhelmed when walking into a dispensary with having so many different products to choose from. This is where your product packaging can make or break your brand. The mediocre design will put you at the bottom of a consumer's list when they enter a dispensary while the great design will immediately catch their eye and create a connection.

We can use our work with Charlottes Web as an example. Charlottes Web, is a family-owned hemp company based in Colorado known for its hemp oil and cannabis strain. Their product has numerous health benefits that have dramatically improved people's lives. We designed a brand new look for their logo, packaging, and a stationery suite that reflects the high-quality healing power of their product. You can see that their product looks sophisticated, cohesive, and communicates a clear message.

Here at Anthem, we take pride in crafting amazing brands that help make a difference in the world. If you are looking to brand your cannabis product so it is the first thing consumers want to purchase at the dispensary, we can help.