What to Wear for Outdoor Work During Winter

If you work outside, winter can be a difficult time. While there’s a wide range of winter clothes designed for working outdoors, it can still be challenging to keep warm in extreme cold. Fortunately, we’ve come to the rescue with the below blog, which details all the best winter workwear for you and your team.

From winter hats and water resistant gloves to keep your hands warm to long underwear and a good pair of boots, read on to discover all the items of clothing you need to invest in this winter if you want to stay warm – whatever the weather.

Choose loose-fitting layers

On a cold day, the most important thing to do is make sure that the clothes you wear can keep you warm. One of the most effective ways to use clothing to stay warm is to apply loose-fitting layers.

Ideally, you need a base layer, a middle layer, and several outer layers with water resistance, as this will trap heat and keep you feeling toasty on even the coldest of days.

Plus, as you start to warm up due to physical exertion or if the temperatures begin to rise, you can always remove a layer or two.

Select the right fabrics

When the temperatures start to drop, you need workwear made from materials designed to retain body heat and wick moisture away.

Avoid fabrics such as cotton, which actively extracts heat from the body, and goose down, which becomes cold when wet.

Instead, opt for merino wool, which guarantees to keep you warm whilst simultaneously preventing you from sweating too much.

Focus on your extremities

There are certain parts of your body where you lose a lot of heat, including your head, hands, and feet. Therefore, you need to focus on keeping these areas of the body warm.

Invest in quality gloves, wool socks, and a thick hat, and you should be able to withstand even the coldest of weather. Long thermal underwear is also a good choice. You can also get a winter face mask to keep your face warm in icy temperatures.

Some of the best brands for winter clothing include North Face, whose garments are designed with the elements in mind.

Don’t forget company branding

Of course, the health and well-being of your employees in winter are of the utmost importance. Still, that doesn’t mean that your employees can’t also look the part and professionally represent your business.

Here at Anthem Branding, we have an extensive range of outdoor employee clothing that can be branded with your company name, logo, and any other information about your business that you want the world to see.

The beauty of working outdoors is that you have the whole world walking or driving past, providing the perfect opportunity to promote your company with high-quality branded workwear.