What Shoes Look Best With Knee High Socks?

Are you thinking of getting a pair of high knee socks?

Or maybe you already have a knee high sock or two in your sock drawer, but feel unsure about how to wear them?

Either way, the below blog is exactly what you need to pull this stylish trend off with minimal effort and maximum results.

Read on to discover exactly what shoes you should be wearing with your high knee socks and how to make the most of this bold look.

What are high knee socks?

As the name suggests, high knee socks are a type of sock that go up to your knee. Incredibly fashionable in the 90s, this exciting fashion trend is enjoying somewhat of a comeback at the moment.

Whether you want to look like Rachel from Friends or you need to keep your bare legs warm when the temperatures drop while still rocking your favorite mini, there are styles of knee high socks for everyone, including knee high custom socks which offer the ultimate in bespoke style.

What shoes should I wear with knee high socks?

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots and knee high socks are a match made in heaven. Perfect for fall and early spring, this effortless look works best when worn with a mini skirt, a pair of denim shorts, or any custom apparel that suits your individual sense of style.

Alternatively, gladiator boots and knee high socks can also look great at these times of the year.


If you are looking for a way to wear knee high socks to the office, then loafers could be your go-to choice of footwear. Providing a polished and professional look, pair with a pleated dress for the ultimate working girl style.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are incredibly versatile and can be worn most of the year. Whether you want to look grungy, edgy, or cute, ankle boots and knee high socks are a great combo. Opting for cable knit socks in the winter months will bring your look straight into the season.

When it comes to color, don’t be afraid to go big and bold. Alternatively, opt for black ankle boots and black socks and then inject a little bit of color into your choice of clothes instead.

Block heels

Block heels are great for women who need a bit of extra height but who struggle with high heels such as stilettoes. When wearing block heels and knee high socks, the key is to go for a more relaxed outfit style.

Rock this look to brunch with the girls or for a daytime date with your beau.


With summer fast approaching but a little bit of chill still in the air, wedges and knee high socks offer the perfect solution. Not a look for the quiet or understated dresser; to pull this off, you need to wear your sock and shoe combo with confidence.

If you're a shortie, this is a great look for making your leg appear longer.


Offering style and comfort, knee high socks can look effortlessly cool when worn with sneakers. To nail this look, embrace bright and bold colored socks, and don’t shy away from mix and matching.

Sneakers also look amazing when paired with thigh high socks and other types of high socks that are designed to be seen.

Can men wear knee high socks?

There is no reason why men can’t rock this high fashion trend just as well as women can. For a casual look, pair knee high socks with shorts and a simple tee, or for a more business-like vibe, wear knee high dress socks or calf socks with a dressier style of shorts and a shirt and tie.