What is Company Swag Used For?

Company swag is one of your most high-value resources when it comes to promoting your business. Sometimes referred to as promotional products or freebies, company swag is the promotional items that you hand out that is decorated with your company branding.

Company swag can be given to customers, potential customers, employees, or suppliers and is used to improve and extend brand recognition and swag can even be used to penetrate into new markets.

Sales teams and marketing departments love company swag ideas because those promotional products can be used in so many ways to drive sales and improve brand value. When it comes to the best company swag to use, there are almost endless choices, meaning that you can align your brand with the swag of your choice.

What Is Company Swag Useful For?

There are lots of reasons why you might decide to invest in custom promotional products that you can hand out to members of your team, at trade events to existing or potential clients, or to your local suppliers. They can be an indication of your company culture and a representation of your brand's personality, all while delivering the huge potential for increased sales.

For example, if your marketing is embracing sustainability practices, then eco-friendly promotional products will be an extension of that. Anyone wearing or using that company swag will know that your commitment to the world around us extends to the finer details. High quality, well-made company swag says a lot about your brand.

Consumer Popularity And Company Swag

What is company swag used for in terms of customers? Whether at industry events or as part of the sales process, popular promotional products will go a long way to show that you not only understand your clients but are willing to invest in keeping them happy.

That's always good for brand development. Of course, your target audience will reflect the types of branded promotional merchandise you decide to use.

For example, a nightclub or stereo store might hand out tech accessories or Bluetooth speakers for listening to music and emblazoned with logos and contact details. Companies targeting those on the move could look closer at branded portable chargers or water bottles.

What's important to remember about company swag is that the more often those promotional products are used, the more often those audience members will see your branding.

When they need what you provide, yours is the name that will come naturally to mind. Brand exposure is a critical marketing strategy, and every branded promotional item will be doing this for you every time it gets used.

Standing Out From The Crowd

There's a good chance that you've got competitors, and your promotional products can help distance you from them. Even something simple like handing out complimentary custom made hats can go a long way to show customers how much you value the fact that they have chosen your brand.

Of course, with something like branded hats, yoga mats, or water bottles, an important factor to consider is that they will not only get used over and over again, but they can be used everywhere. If your branded yoga mat gets used by members of the local yoga club, that's brand exposure in a space where advertising wouldn't always be possible.

If your company details, from your branding to your contact details and your website, are highly visible, then you're extending your brand reach quickly, at low cost, and incredibly effectively.

The better your company swag and the more consistent with your branding, your brand culture, and your brand's mission statement, the more impactful it will be. From after-sales treats to corporate gifting, company swag could take your brand to a whole new level.