Start the Gift Giving Process Now and Thank Yourself Later

We all hate the stress that comes with the holidays, and even worse when we receive thoughtless holiday gifts. Brands especially don't want to be known for poor gift giving or let the holiday gifting stress get in the way of more important things like business growth, right?

From stress to the best

Get the ball rolling early this year (as in right now) by using these tips for giving the best custom gifts that help elevate your brand and send a strong message that you care to whoever is on the receiving end. See what these high-quality gifts can do to improve your brand’s reputation and culture.

Start early

Everyone knows the rough times that the holidays often bring with end of year reports, family pressures, the parties you accidentally rsvp’d to — the list goes on.

On the bright side, once you better understand the surprisingly simple process of deciding on the perfect customized branded gift, the rest will follow.

Getting started now eliminates unnecessary stress and gets you and your brand prepared for a great season and a strong start to the new year!

Five reasons to start the process sooner rather than later

Relieving stress is always great, but there are many other reasons to begin the gifting process.

1. More time allows for more customization

If you know the heart-sinking feeling you get when someone you know re-gifts you yet another low-quality candle, then you know how much you would not want to be the person who gives it.

If you start this process now, you can decide on gifts that your employees and customers would truly find valuable. We will send you samples of any of the custom branded items you would like until it’s just right. After all, you know your people and brand best and want to give them the best items you can find.

2. Appreciated, appropriate, and essential

A recent survey on holiday gift giving found that 26 percent of employees said that getting no gift felt synonymous to being forgotten by the company.

On the other hand, 94 percent of employees said that getting a gift from an employer made them feel valued. Keep in mind that different departments and different relationships require different types of gifts to feel “the holiday joy.”

It is vital to not only give gifts but to give gifts with thought and planning behind them to reinforce connection and value.

3. Gifts can be a perfect tactic to supplement a brand promotion, campaign, or event

Custom branded gifts align perfectly with company events — raising morale within the company and getting the attention of new customers and opportunities at the event and beyond.

Beyond that, having branded gifts allows the items to be your walking promotional tool to increase brand awareness through high-quality custom merchandise.

4. Value over obligation

You wouldn't want to put your precious resources into something that — while it may have good intentions — presents the brand poorly. If a gift arrives late or is of low quality, that could say the same about your company.

If you start now, you could have everything arrive early and give everyone something tangible that matters and that puts your brand in the best light possible, heading into the new year with a strong reputation and positive emotional feelings.

5. Uniqueness leaves lasting impressions

When you get started early, it is more likely that you can develop unique gifts that will awe your audience. You can craft unique gifts that thread company culture and values into every detail allowing them to truly stand out.

When developing a custom branded gift program, we make sure to get to know all of the most important aspects that make your brand special so that we can incorporate those nuances in a tangible way into the high-quality items you are giving to the people that matter most to you.

Contact us now to get ahead of the game and behind your custom holiday gift program.{}

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