Music Industry Merchandise That Moves the Needle: Greensky Bluegrass

We partnered with Greensky Bluegrass, a band based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that mixes the sounds of bluegrass and rock-n-roll together, to create a rad custom hat collection for their retail merchandise program. With these new additions of custom headwear, their band merch attracts consumers of all ages.

These cut and sew pieces feature flat brims with unique adornments, including woven patches, clamp tags, screen printed graphics and interior branding - designed specifically by our creative agency for the Greensky Bluegrass hipster millennial demographic.

If you are looking to expand your headwear offerings, consider these trendy styles.

Flat Bill Trucker Hat

Grandpa Hat with White Stitching and Brim Cord

Camper Hat with Screen Print and Patch

These creative concept designs put forth fashion-forward styles that could help your company become more aligned with current trends and attract a younger demographic.

Want to advance your business with some stylish merch?