Influencer Kits

This is the final part of a three part series! Check out parts one and two to find everything you need to know about the new trend taking the industry by storm: kits.

With social media as a powerhouse of business as more buyer potential is lying in the hands of influencers and brand ambassadors, it’s important to design strategies around on-boarding and motivating those who have the power to drive brand loyalty and awareness.

What are influencers?

An influencer is someone who has a large sway on how people decide to purchase a product or service within a specific industry. Influencers are otherwise known as very important people to your brand who can drive profit, customer loyalty, and increase brand awareness.

How to use custom merchandise to enhance your influencer program

Here are some tips for finding, motivating, and solidifying influencers to represent your brand:

  • Find an influencer who consistently buys and promotes within your industry.
  • Ideate ways to awe them with high-quality custom merchandise that represents your brand ethos.
  • Create a true connection between the influencer and your brand that will stick in the minds of your audience.
  • TIP: use high-quality branded apparel to outfit your influencers so that your brand is featured front and center wherever they go!
  • Consistently keep up with ways to motivate them, like custom branded kits!
  • TIP: give your influencers high-utility branded merchandise that they would use regularly to within your specific industry. For example, a good idea is to give a kit with a branded koozie, casual t-shirt, and hat to a craft beer influencer.

Every industry is different. We can curate the perfect custom influencer kit that motivates influencers to promote your brand in ways that speak directly to your target market.

Check out these examples of how we’ve used unique promotional products and custom kits to promote brands through influencers.

Wiz Khalifa and Converse®

We worked with advertising for Wiz Khalifa and Converse® to solidify the connection between himself and the Converse® brand.


Another way to use unique promotional items to make up an influencer kit is by connecting them to a strategic marketing campaign like we did with Icebreakers Break Through campaign.

When you leverage unique promotional items that are created especially for your brand and what it stands for, they create a lasting connection to your brand and increase reach throughout the social media landscape.

Netflix and Chill

When the phrase “Netflix and Chill” took social media by storm, Netflix wanted to grasp that momentum through influencer kits.

To make that happen, we created a custom kit with a branded blanket and popcorn-- items that fit in perfectly with their industry and target market. These kits were received by influencers that promoted a binge-watching event.

Opportunities to use influencer kits

Whether you are a big corporation or a small company, influencers can be a perfect tool for building your brand.

Here are just a few simple ideas of when to utilize influencer kits:

Social media trends

As seen in the examples above you can capitalize on social media trends. Keep an eye on any trends through social listening in your industry and use them to rally your influencer strategy behind.

Special promotions

Crafting a custom branded influencer kit to hand out during or before a special promotion can increase website traffic and get the word out about the brand in an authentic way and while buzz is at a high. Think of influencer kits as another marketing tactic that solidifies your messaging.


Company events and trade shows are great opportunities to outfit your brand ambassadors and brand influencers in custom branded apparel that relays your brand identity.

Check out how Cocktail Squad outfitted its brand ambassadors with custom apparel during this event to increase brand awareness and drive engagement.

No matter your industry, influencer kits can boost your brand awareness and drive customer loyalty. We can work with you to develop custom branded influencer kits that make the most out of your influencer strategy.

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