9 Eco-Chic Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Looking for a unique way to wrap holiday gifts for your company in a way that reflects the brand’s ethos and company culture?

All year long, your company strives to protect the environment. Maybe the company has a foundation or charitable extension specifically to do so. Or it just does what it can culture-wise to do their part.

When it comes to giving an entire team gifts, it’s hard then to shallow the fact that the simple act of wrapping that gift into a nice experience could be the antithesis of your eco-friendly initiatives.

Here are nine gift wrap and tag eco-chic ideas that not only contribute to sustainability efforts, but also deliver a heightened gift experience all around:

Gift bag/wrap alternatives

Instead of wrapping with paper wrap, consider items you can fill with smaller items that can be useable after and that help elevate the gift experience.

You can either stuff the items listed below with gifts or use the item to wrap the gift, the wrap itself being multifunctional and useful for other purposes other than simply being gift wrap. Also, and perhaps best of all for your brand, using branded promotional products such as these to wrap gifts allows for even more brand exposure.

Tote bags


Reusable produce bags


Zipper pouches

Sun shields

Gift tag alternatives

Personalization is huge right now, especially, when someone’s name has been custom engraved or stamped onto something. Your employees will feel appreciated plus use the “gift tags” again.

Key chains

Personalize any kind or style of keychain out there with the receiver's name and in a unique way that represents your brand.

Enamel pins

Instead of tape to hold on a gift tag, try a branded enamel pin that can later be worn on a jacket lapel, backpack or bag, or hat brim!