Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients and Employees in 2020

The holidays always seem to sneak up.

And with the way this year has been going, giving a thoughtful gift to your clients and employees will mean even more.

It’s been rough for all of us, to say the very least!

Well made gifts can successfully craft a tangible connection between the person you’re giving it to and your company; one that isn’t easily forgotten!

Some items in our guide are useful, some are stylish, some are just plain fun, but we can guarantee there is at least one gift for everyone on your list.

The 2020 gift guide includes:

  • This year’s highly anticipated trendy gift kits
  • Six of our heirloom gift collections include custom merchandise and apparel, cut-and-sew bags, and elevated promotional products
  • Boxing and packaging ideas that can be tailored to your brand
  • Direct-to-door dropshipping options to stay connected in a socially distanced world

Put in the time for the best gift experience

One of the most important things we work with our clients on each year is being proactive about curating custom holiday gifts and getting things moving as early as possible.

Even though the calendar says July, custom items — those pieces that really connect with the person receiving it, those that pack the ✨wow✨ factor — take some time to design, make, produce, and ship.

Have a corporate gift idea already in mind?

We like to say we’re a team of cool hunters, always hungry for the next biggest trend.

We can work with you if you have an idea of what you’d like to create or we can brainstorm together.

Creating an incredible gift experience for everyone on your list doesn’t have to be a last-minute rush.

Turn this year around with something extra special and have your brand leading the charge!