Branded Headgear: How to Design a Hat

The idea of creating custom branded headgear may be a little overwhelming due to the sheer amount of hat options out there. However, when it comes to how to design a hat, it doesn’t have to be complicated; simple hat designs with just your business logo can still be ideal fashion items while advertising your brand, too.

Below are some key points to explore when you’re considering how to design a hat for your brand.

Logo Placement

How to design a hat for your brand means thinking about how you can enable your brand to best be seen on the item of headgear, and this means the best logo placement. Ideally, you want your logo to be placed at the front of the hat for optimum positioning so that it can always be seen. You don’t want your logo to be too big or overwhelming so that it detracts from the hat being comfortably worn, but make sure it’s there in the prime spot when you’re developing your custom design and thinking how to design a hat that works.

Type of Hat

There are so many types of hats out there that are perfect for custom hats.

How to design a hat may mean you want to narrow down your options to a few select hat designs, or you mean even want to stock every branded hat possible to offer a great variety.

Some of the most popular types of hat include:

Baseball Caps

These are highly popular items of headgear and can be worn by many different people in many different situations. They can be golf hats for the course, a cap for a sports game, a simple way to protect from the sun, or a quintessential fashion item. Baseball caps make for a great custom cap.

Trucker Hats

This type of hat is very similar to a baseball cap in design, except it has a mesh panel on either side and maybe a little wider. It became popular, as the name suggests, worn by truckers, but it’s now become a staple fashion item for many.

Sun Hats

When you’re trying to protect yourself from hot days and bright sun, there’s nothing more effective than a sun hat — which means the ideal choice for customized hats and pushing your brand!

This is a very broad hat whose wide rim protects the head, face, and neck from the sun.

Snapback Hats

These hats can be similar to baseball, trucker, or dad hats, but they’re adjustable at the back due to the plastic buttons, meaning size and fit can be adjusted accordingly. You can make custom snapback hats to suit.

Customization Options

Another thing to think about when considering how to design a hat is how much customization you want. You don’t want your hat to be too busy that it detracts from the brand logo, but extra customization can be a great option, like embroidered hats, offering custom embroidered hats, or providing hat designs in a variety of colors.

If you’re offering a lot of customization options and stocking up on a wide variety of designs, you may want to request a minimum order policy.

Quality Printing Services

When you’re making a branded hat, you want to be sure that it’s durable and the printing of your brand logo won’t fade easily or be compromised. If it’s not easily visible, then you risk wasting an advertising opportunity, as well as providing lower-quality headgear.

That’s why high-quality printing is so important when exploring how to design a hat. You want to make sure your logo is clear and bold. You can use screen printing to put your logo and message onto many different types of fabric and hat designs — and have fun with it!