Beans, Beer, & Bud - The Latest in Custom Packaging Design

It’s all about the details. As a creative agency, we collaborate with clients across a variety of industries to transform their brand into a unique visual identity through custom packaging design. From beans, to beer, to cannabis and more, explore a few of our favorite recent projects to see how every detail delivers an authentic branded experience to the consumer.

1. Jack Rabbit

When Jack Rabbit Beans came to us in need of a packaging update, we collaborated with their team to develop a design system that was approachable with a hint of nostalgia. Drawing inspiration from their extensive brand heritage as the first brand of packaged beans and focusing on their core demographic, we achieved the ideal aesthetic for their rebrand hitting shelves this fall.

2. Lone Tree Brewing

As demand for their beer increased, we collaborated with the Lone Tree team to create a design series that’s iconic, impactful, and accessible to reach their expanding audience. Taking some inspiration from their former branding, we worked on a cohesive, contemporary, and professional design system that’s rooted in Lone Tree’s Colorado heritage but offers a more premium aesthetic.

3. Steady Hand Beer Co.

We took the logo created by Simon Walker and worked closely with Steady Hand to extend the branding into packaging, a website, social media images, and marketing materials. To capture the laid back, sunny, but straightforward nature of the brewery, we created illustrations centered around each beer, using colors and imagery rooted in the comfort of the southern countryside, with a nod to each beer style’s heritage.

4. LucidMood

LucidMood is emerging and adapting quickly into the expanding cannabis industry through their breakthrough product in discrete, portable vape pens. Teaming up with the innovative Boulder-based company, we created their visual identity and developed their full packaging system. Our goal was to create a refined, approachable, and high-end aesthetic that deviated from the boisterous and often tacky packaging that currently exists in the marketplace.

As you can see, a thoughtful and compelling message paired with eye-catching package design will distinguish your product and invite consumers to take a closer look.

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