Axion Health + Anthem Branding (Video)

J.P. Lind, executive vice president of marketing and business development at Axion Health sat down with Anthem Branding Principal and Co-Founder Ted Church and shared his experience working with the agency over the last ten years.

Lind and his tradeshow team wanted to set the healthcare software brand apart and be thought of as a market leader. Axion was in need of tangible giveaway items that shatter the status quo, truly represent what Axion is all about, get people talking about the brand, and excite them to learn more about their product; branded items that leave a lasting impression.

"We know that when we show up with anything from Anthem [Branding] that it's going to be highly-desired, people are going to want it, and they're going to come to our booth specifically for that," said Lind.

We work with Lind and his team to get to know what differentiates Axion Health, how they think about the brand, and what their core tenants and values are.

Designing quality promotional products around that story allows us to reflect the brand in the most authentic way so when the team hits the tradeshow floor, they're representing the brand as a whole.

Tradeshow giveaways that have a defined return on investment

For the Broomfield, Colo.-based firm, Axion Health generated some $7M in their marketing pipeline in 2019 solely from their conference channel.

One of the ways you look at ROI and tradeshow giveaways, Lind says, is how much incrementally is being added to the top-of-the-funnel and your ability to attract and engage the audience. "We can look back and measurably say that we added a million or two dollars."

"Anthem [is] associated with pretty much all of those giveaways," says Lind. "Anytime we would get feedback or get someone to fill out a form they were getting a really thoughtful Anthem [made] water bottle or keychain or bag that came about from thinking about our target audience and what they would be excited about."

Leather keychain with nickel carabiner with debossed branding

Screen printed water bottles

Screen printed tote bags

Design is meant to be felt, not just seen

"The cool thing was that they actually picked up the keychain and they'd smell it," says Lind. "And they smell and say 'this is genuine leather' and it was not a piece of garbage that they might get at any other booth."

From tradeshows and conferences to team building, employee gear and so much more, our branding experts can work with you to amplify your brand's unique ethos. We can offer you elevated branded solutions no matter what industry or category your company plays in.

Create meaningful connections through tactile design

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