Anthem Branding's Definition of Custom

A lot of promotional product companies out there can talk the talk, but can they really walk the walk when it comes to custom merchandise and custom apparel?

What I mean is that many companies claim to offer fully customizable services, but when the products are fulfilled, they typically aren’t any different than the status quo.

When we work with clients that come to the table with a reasonable timeline, budget, and shared belief in going to the next level with company merch, apparel, and promotional products, the end result can be 100 percent truly custom made to your brand.

We can elevate your brand and bring it to life by learning the ethos of your brand and turning them into something palpable that your target audience can experience, can feel, and can connect with.

Put simply, you wouldn’t end up with the same old.

Every level of engagement you receive from your audience has implications for your brand. We curate and create custom products using strategic thinking and great design, which is something going truly custom can only offer.

We believe there is an audience out there starving for premium promotional products that go above and beyond the usual options.

Brands that care about every single touchpoint and experience their customers and employees have. Brands like you that come to our website and explore our work and see how it would help the brand grow and come to life.

When we say custom, here’s what we mean

Our definition of custom envisions brands through strategic narrative and design that enable companies to amplify their engagement. Custom gives brands more reach, generates excitement and engagement through participation in current trends, styles, and lifestyles.

We view custom as

  • One-of-a-kind
  • Inspiring
  • Experience inducing
  • Emblematic
  • Thoughtfully designed
  • Evokes a visceral reaction from the consumer
  • Leverages trend-forward design
  • Full of surprise and delight
  • Culturally relevant branding with distinct features

From the design, production, development, packaging, and delivery of a brand’s premium product line, going custom is not just the items themselves, it’s in the full end-to-end experience catered towards a brand’s unique goals, objectives, industry, and audience.

Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about.

Custom hoodies

Our custom hoodie program offers eight unique styles, patterns, and size grading; and over a dozen customization points. The sky-is-the-limit in what we can create together, thanks to the freedom of a truly custom piece.


Anthem Branding


Non-custom hoodies

Other than a difference in logo, most companies work from the same supplier pool, the same item, and the same approach — logo slapping. Nothing about this helps your brand differentiate itself or contributes to your brand’s story.

Custom Drinkware

We partnered with Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey to create a premium branded water bottle that not only is done well, but that speaks to the ethos of the brand — a brand that seeks only the best quality, presentation, and different ways to elaborate their brand story in a tangible way.

The details of these custom branded water bottles take the otherwise run-of-the-mill promotional product to an entirely new level. Offering a unique branded package along with the product creates a heightened experience the receiver will remember and offer added brand exposure into yet another thoughtful touchpoint.

The Stranahan's logo was screen printed onto the woodgrain bottle with a screen printed laser etched logo on the base, a product the distillery’s fans loved so much they’ve reordered from us. With a full color continuous branded packaging wrap, that premium brand feel and aesthetic is kept top-of-mind no matter which position the product is angled when merchandised.

Plus, the packaging can be reused as a cool pen or pencil holder, utilized as a display case in a company’s brand store, or kept to store cords or chargers at an employees desk.

Non-custom drinkware

Compare this example with an alternative approach that you see far too often, a logo-slapped water bottle that blends into the crowd and is only packaged in bubble wrap and shipping tape.

Usually, drinkware is made from a low-grade thin plastic in shapes and styles that your competitors likely stock their shelves with, too. And after a few washes, the one-color logo is likely to fade so all opportunity for brand exposure literally disappears.

Custom Headwear

The plethora of custom headwear features that can be tweaked is immense! From the fit and brim style to the use of materials and decor techniques, your company can blow the competition out of the water with a truly custom headwear line.


This high-quality full fabric 6-panel structured flat brim can pack a punch with powerful branding customizations such as puff embroidery, interior taping, and under brim screen print. Including a full fabric style in your headwear program encapsulates lovers of form and function.

Ankrolab Brewing Company

We worked with Naples, Florida-based craft brewery to produce custom 7-panel snapback hats to stock their tap room with. These custom pieces have some killer under brim screen prints that play off the brewery’s main logo design in a way that speaks to the unique aspects of the brand and the overall company vibe.

Non-custom hats

The only differentiation is the option of preloaded colors…

We help tell your brand’s story through premium promotional products and branded apparel

When a brand’s promotional products and apparel are truly custom-made, they tell a clear and engaging story about your brand, what it stands for, and how it seeks to connect with its target audience.

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