Anthem Branding & Natural Habitat Adventures (Video)

We’ve worked with the team at Natural Habitat Adventures (NatHab) for over 10 years to bring the ethos of the brand into custom apparel, headwear, and merchandise.

“In working with Anthem, you get a whole other team working for you,” says Mark Hickey, creative director at Natural Habitat Adventures.

Most recently we worked with Mark and his team to create a polar parka for the company’s Northern Lights trips. Knowing the brand values of high quality, sustainability, and conversion are a major part of NatHab’s ethos, we took these details and incorporated them into the parkas.

Over a number of months, we collaborated to get the parka just right, zeroing in on some of the must-have features, the right color combinations, and materials.

More than just a baseball hat, a sense of pride

Over the years, we’ve created custom hats, water bottles, duffel bags, and more with this great partner — each piece designed with distinct objectives in mind, and intended to strengthen the connection between the NatHab brand and their travelers.

Every piece represents the values of the NatHab brand such as, conservation, sustainability, and quality.

“Like if you look at some of these details that Anthem brought to this [hat]. Everything about this speaks quality. There's not a stitch on here that doesn't say that somebody was doing some extra thinking here.”

"People want to buy these things and own things and wear them like a badge of honor," says Hickey.