9 Unique Trade Show Gifts to Have Your Brand Remembered

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Planning for a successful trade show? Then you’ll want to take a great selection of unique trade show gifts with you to further promote your brand.

Planning for trade show giveaways is a great, budget friendly way to get your brand name seen and remembered by the right people. As trade shows are key opportunities to meet relevant business contacts and potential consumers, you want to have something on hand to present to them during a valuable exchange: and that’s where trade shows swag comes in.

Every trade show stand is going to need a selection of promotional items to give away to your visitors and contacts. Here are nine unique trade show gifts you can give to trade show attendees and make your brand top of mind.

1. Eco Friendly Water Bottle

The water bottle is the perfect promotional product because it’s so useable and relevant. Not only that but water bottles can be branded and designed in different ways to make for truly unique trade show gifts, such as putting the date and name of the trade show in question on the bottle as a great souvenir.

These are also great options for brands that want to have the environment in mind and for brands that want their contacts to remember them as a business that cares about the environment. A reusable water bottle is a great eco-friendly option for swag.

Not only that, but trade shows are long, demanding, and tiring for everyone involved, even the visitors, which means having a trusty water bottle in hand to stay hydrated is a must!

2. Hand Sanitizer

Even without the global pandemic, a branded hand sanitizer is a great option for unique trade show gifts, simply because of the amount of hand-shaking and meeting and greeting usually happening in one space. Visitors will really appreciate having a handy bottle in their pocket to sanitize their hands whenever they need it and be reminded of your brand as they do so.

During global events like the pandemic, this type of swag item is even more important as it provides a relevant and necessary health and safety item for all.

3. Face Masks

With health and sanitization in mind, face masks are the next logical swag item, and especially when they’re so relevant during a pandemic. Any business at a trade show failing to hand out branded face masks is failing to jump on a key swag item that has a necessary purpose beyond simple marketing.

This makes for unique trade show gifts because this is an item that can continue to be used beyond the trade show in everyday life to continue remaining safe in public places during this time. It also means your brand’s design will be seen by all others on the street, too.

4. Stress Ball

A vital desktop or desk drawer item, the stress ball is a great swag item that is also the ideal shape for creating an eye-catching color and logo design. If you can help your trade show visitors reduce stress and relax more at the same time as promoting your brand, then it’s a win for unique trade show gifts!

5. Tote Bags

This is such a handy and relevant promotional item for necessary swag. Not only is it a fantastic and eye-catching merchandise item in itself, but it’s also equipped to hold and carry all other relevant swag items too. This means trade show visitors will find an extremely handy item in the branded tote bag to carry around with them throughout the day, and use it to hold supplies.

Not only that, but tote bags make for unique trade show gifts because there is a lot of blank space potential on the front and back. You can easily fit your brand name, logo, any relevant message, or other design you require on both sides of a tote bag.

6. Custom Printed T-Shirts

Everyone loves a good t-shirt, and they’re the quintessential souvenir for physical events. If you can produce a full color t-shirt in an eye-catching and branded design, you’re enabling your business to be advertised every time someone wears your t-shirt and walks around in a public place sporting it.

7. Notebooks and Pens

These are great unique trade show gifts because they’re extremely helpful for events like these. With so much information to take in for visitors to these events and contact details they might want to take down, having a notebook and pen handy is always a benefit, even if it’s just to slip business cards and brochures inside.

Notebooks and pens are also extremely easy to personalize and create unique trade show gifts for your brand, from simply branded notebooks to high-quality leather bound or moleskin options for a more luxury feel.

8. Branded Mugs

Choosing promotional mugs for a trade show giveaway item is a great way to market your brand and provide an item that can be used over and over again. Branded mugs fit perfectly into the home and office and will always be used. The brilliant thing about mugs is that they will always be needed, too, so you can guarantee a branded mug will get a lot of use — and marketing potential — out of it.

9. Tech Items

Finally, when exploring unique trade show gifts, you’ll definitely want to have some tech must-haves on offer. Tech items are relevant to the times and the needs of your visitors, so key essentials like USBs, power banks, and chargers will all have a huge benefit and be used for the long term. They may even become the number one travel essentials for visitors who move around a lot and need an extra source of device power.

Final Thought

Another great thing about planning for trade show giveaway ideas is that no unique trade show gifts will be wasted. Even if you don’t use up all your promotional giveaways for your dedicated trade show marketing, you can still use the leftover swag as great corporate gifts or branded merchandise for future events and occasions — or even save it for next time!