10 Holiday Gift Ideas

It's never too early to start planning for the holidays, especially when it comes to company gifts for employees, executives, and/or key stakeholders.

Our branding experts will work with you to pull out the unique aspects of your brand so those on the receiving end not only feel appreciated, but more connected to your brand.

Why give gifts?

Over 80 percent of C-suite executives believe that business gifts generate measurable positive return on investment (ROI) in addition to the intangible benefit, according to a recent article by Forbes.

“Gifts humanize business… it pays for itself two-fold,” one respondent said.

Be a part of the two-fold benefits by starting the holiday season now! Here are some thought-starters for items that make for great branded gift items.

10 great holiday gift ideas

1. High-quality hoodies

2. Custom headwear

3. High-quality notebook

4. Wallets

5. Travel supplies

A good backpack can go a long way and on many adventures. They're a great way to showcase your brand.

We can never have enough cool totes for groceries, lunch, kids toys -- you name it! Another great way to expose your brand.

6. Desk supplies

Think accessory pouches, cord wraps, power banks, charging pads!

There's always one pen that people carry around at all times and would be totally bummed to lose, make it a branded fave!

7. Cozy essentials

Knit beanies are a classic go-to.

Sunshields are great for summer or winter and always make a good accessory gift for the outdoor lover.

Performance jackets are great for layering or to wear on their own.

8. The perfect t-shirt

Who doesn't love a comfy and well-fitting tee?

9. Personalized tumblers and mugs

10. Custom glassware

Get started with us to create the best high-quality, low-stress gifts that everyone will love for the upcoming holiday season.