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Custom American Apparel Clothing

Since 1989, American Apparel has been providing customers with some of the best long sleeve, short sleeve, and sweatshop-free t-shirts and hoodies. The high quality of their ethically made clothing is the perfect option to take a closer look at when you're considering investing in customized clothing that will accelerate brand awareness and drive company growth. Based in Los Angeles, your custom hoodies and customized clothing from American Apparel will ensure that you and your team stand out whether you're working in-store or out and about at industry events. The combination of American Apparel and Anthem Branding means only the highest quality customized clothing, which can only be good news for your business.

High-Quality Basics and Customized Clothing

The American Apparel brand started out in North Carolina, where the goal was to introduce only high-quality basics to customers. Starting with t-shirts, the brand grew organically, with the sweatshop-free branding and the high quality of their clothing attracting more fans than ever. American Apparel became a leader in the U.S. clothing scene, and their growth led to a full relocation to Los Angeles. The company embraced the L.A. lifestyle and culture, and their ethically made clothes clearly have that Los Angeles influence in everything they do. That means when you need screen printed t-shirts and are choosing the customized clothing that reflects your own branding, American Apparel is the answer.

Is American Apparel Clothing Ethically Made and Sustainable?

More than ever, businesses need to align with those brands that are taking real steps to reduce their environmental impact. One of the first things you see on the American Apparel website is that the brand is sweatshop free. That's great news for their customers, and even better for those business owners who want customized clothing to use in their marketing campaigns. Many of the most popular shirts hoodies and t-shirts sold by American Apparel are made from Global Organic Textile Standard organic cotton. They are also known for making excellent use of cut-offs, which lessens environmental impact. When it comes to high quality, sweatshop-free, ethically made clothing, American Apparel has the options you need.

Effective Branding with American Apparel

Any branding strategy needs to focus on full alignment across multiple channels. That's made significantly easier when you use customized clothing that's branded with your logos and messages and comes from a highly regarded company across the U.S. American Apparel may no longer make all of their clothing in the United States, but their hoodies and t-shirts remain exceptionally high quality. That means if you need custom hoodies or personalized t-shirts branded using custom screen printing for your team to wear at the next big trade event, you'll be aligning your business with the reputation for high quality that you get with customized clothing from American Apparel.

Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your business. Contact the team at Anthem Branding today to find out more about your branding options when you get customized clothing from American Apparel.

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