Malibu Brewing Co

Anthem Branding was approached by Malibu Brewing Company to create a complete apparel line for their brand-new Malibu, CA taproom. The brand already had an established logo, which Anthem Branding built upon to craft new lockups and illustrations. The result was an extensive collection of over 40 items, all high-quality and premium-looking, to align with the brand`s values.

Following the success of the apparel line, Malibu Brewing Company enlisted Anthem Branding once again to design its line of beer cans and packaging. For this project, the team`s goal was to create a design that emulated a classic look that had been in existence for decades. The final product showcased a beautiful woodcut-inspired portrayal of the famous Point Dume. The warm color palette chosen for the packaging celebrates the sun-drenched Malibu lifestyle, reinforcing the brand`s connection to the beach.

Malibu Brewing Company`s can and packaging design is the perfect embodiment of the company`s ethos of producing high-quality beer that is ideal for enjoying in coastal California`s beautiful setting. Whether you are relaxing on a beach towel or taking a scenic drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu Brewing Company`s signature beer pairs perfectly with the beach lifestyle.

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