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Build a Relationship with Your Audience with Branded Merch

Custom Merchandise at Anthem

If you are looking for the best merchandise design services in the United States, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Anthem Branding, we have a wealth of experience and expertise in the design and branding industry and know exactly what it takes to elevate your brand and take your marketing efforts to a whole new level.

Whether you are struggling to get your brand noticed online or you are not getting enough customers through the door, our premium Merchandise Design Services are just what you need to achieve your goals and future-proof your business.

Our professional designers have all the techniques and tools to create high-quality, high-impact custom merchandise that guarantees to attract your target audience and effectively deliver your brand message.

When it comes to branded merch, there are so many visually appealing promotional products for you to choose from, with some of our most popular items including custom sweatshirts, backpacks, joggers, and sunglasses.

Once you have selected your preferred company merchandise, then comes the exciting part, adding your chosen customization.

Choose to proudly display your company logo, name, brand colors, and any other branded text or imagery that you want to showcase to your customers, with options to suit all budgets and bespoke branding requirements.

Our expert graphic design team also has access to the latest cutting-edge technology and machinery so that you can utilize the most innovative customization techniques for your branded merch.

Whether you want to achieve a high-end look with embroidered merchandise design, you want high-impact visuals through the use of sublimation, or you prefer to use screen printing to keep costs down, we are ready and waiting to take on your next design project and deliver maximum return on your investment.

How we’re different from other Merchandise Designers

When it comes to finding the right merchandise designers for your next project, you need to pick someone who understands the importance of strategic branding.

All too many custom design services think that it’s good enough to simply replicate your logo onto the same cookie-cutter pieces that they offer to all your competitors. Unfortunately, this will not get your brand noticed and would be a waste of your precious marketing budget.

Here at Anthem Branding, we do things a little differently. As a leading branding and design agency with over 15 years of experience in the business, we understand the importance of bespoke branding that is tailored to your individual needs.

You are 100% unique, and therefore, you need merchandise design services that are just as unique as you are.

Before we even start designing your branded merchandise, we take the time to get to know your brand and your customers so that we can create a bespoke plan of action that promises to blow your competition out of the water.

We strategically focus on high-quality design throughout our process, from the initial concept right down to the finished product and high-quality packaging.

You can learn more about our Packaging Design Agency and expert packaging options here.

Full Merchandise Design Process

The process of designing merch is a long and complicated one that requires careful consideration and attention to detail.

When we take on a merchandise design project, we enlist the services of not just one but several of our talented designers who work together to deliver your brand messaging in the most impactful and memorable way.

Although we take a bespoke approach to merchandise design services, there are several key processes that are part of every new project:


This first step involves us digging deeper into your brand, your customers, and your products or services.


Next, our designers will start to create visuals based on strategic insights for you and your team.


Our team conceptualizes designs that authentically reflect your brand ethos and that showcase your brand story.


Finally, our team of experts is in the position to start creating tactile design in the form of beautiful brands, curate apparel, and unique custom merchandise that resonates with your target audience.

Vad är märkesvaror?

If you are new to designing branded merch, then you are in for a treat. A highly effective, yet massively underused form of marketing, custom merchandise can transform your advertising effort without breaking the bank.

In its simplest form, branded merch is a type of promotional product that is promoted with your company’s logo, company name, or motto. You can see examples of custom merchandise everywhere, and they can range in value from inexpensive items to VIP gifts.

Think of branded merch as a more inventive and creative form of a business card – it is designed to promote your business and raise awareness of your brand.

However, merchandise design services can offer so much more than just boosting brand awareness. In fact, when done correctly, custom merch can transform your marketing efforts and increase sales exponentially.

When it comes to different types of merchandise, there are so many different items to choose from, including custom t-shirts, custom joggers, custom hats, custom sunglasses, custom backpacks, and pretty much any other item of clothing or fashion accessory that you can think of.

Varför är märkesvaror viktiga?

If you have not yet used the power of merchandise to promote your business, then you may be interested to know more about why this medium is important.

One of the most notable benefits of it is that it helps to build an emotional connection with your customers – something that is very hard to do in today’s disjointed society. Through the use of high-impact design and bespoke branding, custom merchandise can turn one-time customers into loyal ambassadors.

Our design services also boost brand awareness, which is particularly important for small businesses and start-ups trying to grow their customer base and establish themselves within their niche.

Another advantage is that it can help you to build a strong brand identity which is crucial if you want to enjoy longevity in business. For example, giving away branded t-shirts at a promotional event offers a foolproof way to increase brand recognition and enhance brand identity building.

Find out more about our Brand Identity Agency Services here.

Customize your own Merchandise with Anthem Branding

Are you ready to start designing your own merchandise? As a leading branding agency, our team of talented designers is standing by to help you create the ultimate custom apparel collection for your brand.

To get the ball rolling, all you need to do is get in touch with our customer service team and ask for more information on our design services.

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