Steady Hand Brewing

Taking inspiration from a motto on the family coat of arms, two brothers began Steady Hand Beer Company with a commitment to making their dream of opening a brewery a reality and upholding their values of honesty, integrity, and consistency – in both their business and their beer. They thrive on supporting their neighborhood in Atlanta, GA and are emerging as a valuable member of the community in sharing their recipes and hospitality.

We took the logo created by Simon Walker and worked closely with Steady Hand to extend the branding into packaging, a website, social media images, and marketing materials. To capture the laid back, sunny, but straightforward nature of the brewery, we created illustrations centered around each beer, using colors and imagery rooted in the comfort of the southern countryside, with a nod to each beer style’s heritage. Hand-drawn graphics and slogans reiterate the brewery’s friendliness and balance well with the clean layout and typography.