LucidMood is emerging and adapting quickly into the expanding cannabis industry through their breakthrough product in discrete, portable vape pens. The pens offer the perfect blend of THC, CBD, and terpenes for a clear, functional high designed for cannabis users who don’t enjoy the overwhelming side effects of being high. LucidMood offers a variety of moods based on familiar fragrance notes to enhance the senses by coupling ancient principles of aromatherapy with modern cannabis chemistry.

Teaming up with the innovative Boulder-based company, we created their visual identity and developed their full packaging system. Our goal was to create a refined, approachable, and high-end aesthetic that deviated from the boisterous and often tacky packaging that currently exists in the marketplace. We created a simple and modern mark based loosely on a marijuana leaf, but with the tranquility of a lotus flower and integrated an array of colors that’s both friendly and alludes to the moods inspired by each variety. We designed two “lines,” grouping sets of moods together that share common inspiration or activities, helping to appeal more universal to a sophisticated demographic looking to use cannabis as an accessory – rather than focus – in their daily activities.