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Custom Branded Workwear for Your Business

Work Shirts with Custom Branding

Custom work shirts are one of our most popular styles of branded shirts, and it's not hard to see why.

When it comes to standing out from the crowd and showcasing your brand as a professional and trustworthy enterprise, there is nothing quite as effective as custom workwear.

Enabling you to promote your business in a cohesive and harmonious way, as well as helping to keep your employees safe, warm, and protected while at work, there are so many different styles of branded workwear to choose from.

Here at Anthem Branding, we have over 15 years of experience in the branding and design industry and have created high-quality, long-lasting custom workwear for all work sectors, including the construction, hospitality, and leisure industries.

Whether you want custom work uniforms that promote professionalism, branded work clothing that keeps your employees safe, or custom work shirts that are resistant to stains and spillages, we have a wide range of branded workwear for you to choose from.

Depending on your specific business goals, you can add just your company logo to your personalized work shirts, or you can choose to print the logo, text, or image that best displays your bespoke brand message.

Not sure why you should select us over all the other Custom Branded Workwear companies on the market?

All our custom work shirts, and all the customized apparel that we design and produce for our customers, are created using a bespoke approach to strategic branding.

No generic custom work uniforms, no boring branding that goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

Instead, we take the time to get to know our clients, their brand, and their customers so that we can create 100% unique work shirts with a logo that get the results you want.

Aangepaste zakelijke werkoverhemden

If you need custom corporate apparel for your office staff, then we have the perfect custom workwear for you.

Our range of traditional woven work shirts offer a timeless look that exudes elegance and sophistication. Embroidered work shirts are also a great choice, delivering a high-end look that is hard to beat.

However you want to customize your corporate work shirts, our talented team of designers is ready and waiting to bring your designs to life and create the ultimate professional attire for your office staff.

We also design and produce Custom Down Jackets & Vests that are perfect for corporate events and gifts, as well as Custom Hats.

Custom Shirts for the Construction & Service Industries

We specialize in creating high-quality, long-lasting branded workwear for businesses in the construction and service industries.

With a commitment to both employee safety and effective branding, we offer a vast selection of custom apparel for these sectors, including custom work shirts, custom aprons, branded jackets, high-visibility vests, and so much more.

Choose to customize your custom branded workwear with high quality printed artwork, high-end custom patches, woven labels, and custom embroidery – whatever it is that you need from your custom work shirts, we are here to help you.

We can even add Custom Patches to your construction shirts with a logo for a different approach.

Customization Options for Branded Workwear

When it comes to customized clothing, we know our stuff, which is why we offer unlimited customization options for all our branded workwear.

Whether you want to add your custom logo, brand colors, a high-impact image, or even personalized embroidered name tags, there is nothing that we cannot do to make your custom work shirt truly unique.

We offer bespoke customization for corporate work shirts, logo work shirts, uniforms, and any other type of work shirt that you need for your business.

To discuss the right personalization techniques to customize workwear with, please get in touch with our design team.

Custom Work Shirts FAQs

If you have a question about our personalized work shirts, then the below frequently asked questions section will tell you everything you need to know, including minimum order quantities, turnaround times, special effects, and finishing services.

Alternatively, if you cannot find the answer that you are looking for or you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please get in touch with our customer service team via our Contact Us page.

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Spreek vandaag nog met een van onze Brand Consultants!

Neem contact met ons op om uw specifieke details en behoeften te bespreken. Tijdens ons eerste gesprek bespreken we:

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  • Details met betrekking tot uw ontwerp
  • Bijzonderheden met betrekking tot uw doelgroep en doelen
Veel Gestelde Vragen
  • What is your minimum order for branded work shirts?

    Typically our minimum orders start at 72 pieces. We can accommodate smaller quantities depending on the item. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

  • What is your turnaround time for custom apparel?

    Typically, our turnaround for custom work apparel is 10-14 days, although the exact turnaround time will depend upon your order's specifics and the level of customization required. If you need your custom work shirts within a specific timeframe, then please get in touch with a member of our customer service with the specific details of your order and your preferred order date.

  • Biedt u borduurwerk met speciale effecten aan?

    Yes, we do. If you would like to add special effects embroidery to your workwear, then there are several options for you to choose from, including 3D puff embroidery, satin stitch, and fill stitch.

  • Biedt u op maat knippen en naaien aan?

    Yes, we do. We work with some of the best cut and sew factories in the world so that we can custom cut and sew your custom branded workwear to your specific requirements. If you would like more information about our cut and sew services, please get in touch with our customer service team via our Contact Us page.

  • Biedt u afwerkingsdiensten aan?

    We offer several finishing services, including the following:

    Woven Tag sourcing, Woven tag sewing, Hang Tag sourcing, Hang tag application, Individual folding and poly bagging, Inside tag removal, Inside tag printing.

  • Biedt u Fulfillment Services aan?

    We can accommodate fulfillment services. If you have a request for fulfillment, please reach out to our team and provide all details for your request. We will determine the best approach based on your specific needs for your project.