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As one of the biggest names in outdoor clothing, Patagonia apparel is the ideal solution when you’re looking for corporate branded clothing. Their workwear lines are renowned for quality, and now you can have Patagonia workwear customized to reflect your business. Patagonia corporate jackets and custom embroidered fleece jackets are stylish, high quality, and the perfect way to show your commitment to excellence. Have your company logo embroidered on Patagonia workwear, and you and your team will be telling your brand story wherever you go. From the Patagonia Better Sweaters range to their world-famous fleece jackets, whichever Patagonia apparel you choose, you know you're getting some of the most reliable clothing on the planet.

Why choose Patagonia workwear?

Founded in California in 1973, Patagonia apparel is one of the leading names in specialist outdoor clothing. That’s because the founder, Yvon Chouinard, was a rock climber who wanted to create better, safer, and more comfortable clothing for other climbers. Now, Patagonia sells hundreds of products, and you can have those products customized to reflect your business. Custom Patagonia jackets and Patagonia vests are a great option to consider when you’re thinking about customized brand clothing for you and your team. When branding is so important in the digital age, custom Patagonia clothing will help you stand out and be remembered. From the shop floor to the industry events that you and your team attend, embroidered Patagonia clothing makes an immediate impact that will leave a long-lasting impression on your customers and suppliers.

How Patagonia workwear helps your business

When you invest in custom embroidered Patagonia workwear, you’re making more than just a statement about the high quality and professional approach to your business. Customized clothing with your company logo and slogan embroidered where it will be most visible is a proven way to encourage team-building. That means your employees and colleagues will get to work faster, which means that Patagonia workwear will lead to improved efficiency in the workplace. Whatever your industry or your workplace needs, Patagonia has a product that we can customize for you. You could opt for the Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp shorts that are ideal for the hot summers working outdoors, or invest in their Patagonia vests and Patagonia jackets that will protect your team from the harsh winter weather. The reputation behind Patagonia workwear is second to none, simply because of their attention to detail and demand for perfection. We can take whatever you would like out of the Patagonia corporate or manual labor workwear lines and customize them with your corporate logo, your brand colors, and your company slogan.

Durability and comfort

Thanks to their durability, you and your colleagues will be able to wear your Patagonia workwear for years to come. Patagonia workwear is as comfortable as it is durable, so your team will never be distracted from their goals and can get straight down to business. When you invest in Patagonia workwear, you are helping your colleagues and employees to focus more on their work, meaning improved productivity and increased profits. The Patagonia corporate apparel range is also an immediate reflection of your own brand culture. When you invest in brand name clothing that’s been customized with your unique branding, you’re telling your customers, investors, and new audiences exactly who you are as a company. Patagonia apparel is world-renowned, and by aligning yourself with the Patagonia apparel name, you are also reflecting your own commitment to high-quality work with a sustainable and ethical approach to all areas of business.

Patagonia is a company that puts sustainability and protecting the earth above any goals for profitability, which is one of the reasons why they have become one of the biggest outdoor clothing specialists in the world. When your customers want to know that your business has a green approach, custom Patagonia workwear will make that statement immediately. It’s never been more important for brands to invest in the Patagonia custom jackets, vests, and shorts that will make you stand out from your competitors and entice your customers.

Is Patagonia clothing ethical?

It’s hard to find a clothing company that’s more ethical than Patagonia. Famous for their proactive approach to the environment and to worker rights, Patagonia apparel is among the most ethical and sustainable companies around. When you invest in custom Patagonia apparel, you’re supporting a brand that is Fair Trade certified, meaning that its employees get an incredible range of benefits. As well as being Fair Trade certified, all of the materials used in Patagonia apparel are ethically sourced, including the down in their fleece jackets, which comes from traceable birds that have not been force-fed or plucked live. Buying custom Patagonia workwear means showcasing your own approach to ethical business management. If you want to align your brand with one of the most ethical and forward-thinking clothing brands in the world, then Patagonia custom jackets and workwear can do that quickly and effectively.

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