Custom Pickleball Paddle

Customized for your Brand & Business

Want to get your brand out there on the courts? Want your logo in sports competitions around the country? Then check out our pickleball custom paddles.

Pickleball is soaring in popularity across the globe, let alone the country. Wherever you are, you’re likely to have a pickleball club near you. So where better to get your brand and logo out there for all to see?

Pickleball is a sport for all ages, so it’s a perfect place to get your brand known and at the forefront of people’s minds. It doesn’t matter what your business does; there will be potential customers to capture the attention of on a pickleball court. At Anthem Branding, we can make your perfect customized pickleball paddle and help you win big business.

Have your club stand out, get ahead of the trends with free merch, or simply show off your team’s skills with our custom pickleball paddles. By choosing a high-quality product with a superior design, you are sure to stand out from the rest.

If you want your pickleball club to have that professional look and really make it amidst a growing sport, then investing in your equipment and branding is the way to go. At Anthem Branding, we can work with you so that you achieve the look you’re after with a custom logo USAPA-approved pickleball paddle and hit the big leagues, and attract all the attention you need to get the sponsorship you deserve.

Pickleball Racquets – Customized for your business

As mentioned above, pickleball is quickly gaining in popularity. The older generations want a sport they can play into their retirement years. Competitive players who have had to give up their sports seek an activity that will keep up their skills with lower physical strain. Younger generations want to interact more with the rest of society and put their energy to the test.

Designed in the 1960s as a game that anyone could play – pickleball is the perfect sport for many. With many celebrities talking about their pickleball games on TikTok, the interest in this game is only rising.

It is the perfect moment for businesses to sponsor rising stars or professional clubs with pickleball custom paddles. It works out as a perfect team; they will be eager to look professional to start raising funds to go on wider competitions and travel to other countries or states, and you will have your business logo flashed with every shot and wave of the paddle.

We also offer custom pickleball paddle bags and sports shirts, water bottles, and so on – so you don’t have to restrict yourself to just the paddle; the whole team can be kitted out in your brand to really make an impact.

The benefits of using Anthem Branding custom pickleball paddles are that we focus on high quality and offer a large range of paddles – so you can choose the ones which will help your team get up the rankings.

Custom Logo Pickleball Paddle

When it comes to the look of your custom pickleball paddle, you want it to stand out and be utterly yours. At Anthem Branding, we use exceptional printing techniques for you to get the feel and appearance you want. Have full-color options on your designs, work with one of our designers to create something special, and have complete wrap-around images. When it comes to your vision and brand, you know what you want – we’ll make it come alive for you.

We use custom full-color printing on our custom pickleball paddle so that you get the high-standard design you want for your business. No matter what facing you choose, you will get the same clear-cut beautiful design you want – giving you the look and feel of a much more expensive paddle. Because of our excellent color range and printing technique, it doesn’t matter what image or impression you want to make with your paddle designs – we can make it come true.

With our excellent quality custom logo pickleball paddle, you’re sure to stand out from the rest. Grab the attention of players and onlookers with your branding and stay in the limelight.

Design your own custom pickleball paddle

At Anthem Branding, our select team can work with you to get the custom pickleball paddles you want. We know that pickleball paddles must be high quality to get ahead in the sport. That’s why we offer a range of pickleball paddles for our customers so that you get the right paddle for your game style and find that perfect sweet spot.

So, what sort of paddle would suit you best?

Most pickleball paddles have a polymer core – and you can choose whether you want a higher density core with a firmer feel or one with the standard density and softer feel.

Along with the core, the thickness of the paddle makes a difference to play. Many players prefer thicker paddles as they give a higher level of control of shots – a thicker core also reduces wobble across the board for any off-center shots. If you’re looking to get some custom pickleball paddles as branding merchandise, the 16mm core is the one to go for. If you’re looking for a balance of power and control for your sporting team, then go for a slightly thinner 14mm core.

The paddle face material affects the size of the sweet spot for hits – along with control and power. Fibreglass facing is powerful, but the size of the sweet spot is small. Carbon fiber has less power, but because it is a stiff material, there is more control and a much larger sweet spot for hits. We also have composite paddles available if you need a mix of both materials for the exact customized pickleball paddle you’re after.

We have amazing options to create a custom elongated paddle, too – meaning you can put some power into those hits. This can really put some power into your team’s play. Still, if you want to offer your pickleball paddles as business merchandise, you’ll need to accommodate a wider range of players – and the shorter, wider paddles are better here.

The paddle weight should also be carefully considered – heavier paddles put a strain on the wrist and arm and can affect hand speed. So again, if you want to appeal to a wide range of people, a lighter paddle is the best option.

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  • Where can I customize my pickleball racquet?

    Contact our expert team of designers at Anthem Branding to customize your pickleball racquet. We will work with you to make sure that your paddles are designed to perfection and celebrate your brand or club. We work with only the highest quality paddles and materials, so you can be reassured that your paddle will never let you down on the court. We work with companies and clubs all over the country and have a minimum order quantity of 24 quick-turn paddles and 200 for custom-made paddles.

  • How long do pickleball custom paddles take?

    Our custom pickleball paddles will take around 4-6 weeks to be delivered. This excludes the designing process, so if you can immediately tell us what you like and we can provide it, you will receive your custom paddle in 4 to 5 weeks. However, if you wish for some help in designing and working out the best customization methods for your paddle, then it will be a little longer before you’re holding it on the court.

  • Can I return a custom logo pickleball paddle?

    As with many customized products, a custom pickleball paddle is not returnable. We stand by the quality of our products, and you should have no problems with your end paddle. We provide a preview of your final design and colors for you to approve before the paddle is customized, and this is the time to raise any parts that you would like to change.