About This Project

Inspired by the fast-casual restaurant chain’s paper chip bags, we worked with Chipotle Mexican Grill to produce a custom makeup bag to be included in a limited-edition collaboration with e.l.f. Cosmetics.

For the second year, we worked with the team at Chipotle to create and produce limited edition custom makeup bags that replicate their iconic branded chip bags.

Dubbed the Eyes Chips Face makeup bag, they’re designed to fit the entire Chipotle-focused collection of makeup from e.l.f. including an eye shadow palette with 12 colors inspired by Chipotle ingredients, chili pepper colored lip gloss, and a 2-piece avocado shaped makeup sponge.

The Eyes Chips Face, a play on e.l.f.’s acronym Eyes Lip Face, makeup bag design pulls from both brands in a uniquely usable way that remains true to both entities. Customizations include:

  • Branded screen printed collaboration graphics
  • Chipotle brand messaging: "IT'S OKAY TO BE A LITTLE EXTRA"
  • Zip-top closure
  • The exact tan color and texture match of a real Chipotle chip bag
  • Transparent PVC for added durability

While supplies are limited, the entire collection can be purchased from e.l.f. (available 3/9/2021 with membership early access) and from Chipotle Goods online store 3/10/2021.

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Who Makes the e.l.f. x Chipotle Custom Makeup Bag

Newport Beach