About This Project

Using state-of-the-art technology, the team of board certified professionals leading Amazing Brains Performance Center measures electrical patterns in the brain’s cortex to determine areas of activity and engagement. The data collected during this brain mapping process is then used to create a personalized treatment plan to support a variety of goals like improved focus, memory, energy, and sleep.

We worked with the company to carry visual aspects of their brand identity onto a flat brim trendy trucker hat.

With subtle customization tweaks intentionally made throughout, the hat was tailored to include:

  • An embroidered logo patch fronts the structured crown trucker hat
  • Constructed with four black mesh panels at the sides and back for ventilation
  • A flat bill and heather gray twill material gives the hat a classic look and modern style
  • Discreetly placed branded screen printing designs are applied to the interior seams
  • A private woven label is sewn onto the interior headband
  • Leveraging the graphic elements produced by brain wave scans, a colorful brand-relevant design is screen printed on the underside of the flat bill
  • Amazing Brain’s tagline was created into embroidered patch that is directly sewn onto the balck mesh on the back of the hat
  • The two-color logomark was made into a clamp tag and applied to the snapback
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Trendy Trucker Hats for Amazing Brains Performance Center