About This Project

Stranahan’s renowned single malt whiskey is proudly produced in Denver, Colorado. The brand has deep connection to its home state of Colorado, their proprietary distilling process and high-quality whiskies, and their surrounding community of brand fans. These tenants have been consistently working into their ongoing merchandise line that we help the Stranahan’s brand team create and grow over the years.

One of the most recent additions is this timeless curved brim trucker hat customized to help promote the release of their small-batch Blue Peak whiskey line.

Customizations include:

  • Custom merrowed edge patch woven onto the center of the crown mimics the product packaging of the Blue Peak Whiskey
  • Low profile structured crown and a curved brim paired together adds a casual, Colorado outdoor vibe to the shape
  • 6 panels, four of which are made from breathable mesh for added durability gives a good amount of real estate for brand exposure at every angle
  • Adjustable snapback closure adjacent to a two-color woven tag
  • Screen printed taping on the interior seams featuring the distillery’s word mark repeated from end-to-end
  • Interior woven private label providing a high-end retail-ready feel and creates a feeling of exclusivity around the special release
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Stranahan's Blue Peak Custom Curved Brim Trucker Hats