About This Project

Rowdy Mermaid was founded in 2012 by Jamba Dunn, who started brewing kombucha in his garage. Today, the company is known for creating sustainably sourced modern, functional beverages (kombucha and adataptonic) available to purchase from their website and at national grocery chains such as Whole Foods.

The Rowdy Mermaid team wanted to create a line of merchandise, inclusive of custom made crew socks, that would be available at an upcoming industry tradeshow this spring. Any pairs of socks that are leftover from the event will be given to the sales team to use as leave behinds after meetings with clients and potential customers as a unique way to be remembered.

Our team of creative designers drew inspiration from retro fashion and design when creating the custom crew socks, lending itself well to highlighting Rowdy Mermaid’s fun and vibrant brand colors as well as drink flavors all in one garment.

The final product is just the right color combination that reflects their kombucha and adaptonic flavor varieties, communicating more about the brand beyond leveraging other elements of their identity system such as a stand alone logo application.

Customization details:

- Jacquard knit

- The achilles design is an exact PMS color match to the company’s beverage retail packaging: Alpine Lavender, Watermelon Bloom, Lion’s Root, Savory Peach, and Strawberry Tonic

- Matching thread colors on the heel and toes

- The Rowdy Mermaid wordmark is knit on the bottom of the each sock’s foot, connecting the heel and toe design in a visually balanced way

- For a subtle hint of brand recognition, the Rowdy Mermaid logo is placed outside of the calf only, allowing for attention to be drawn to the other design elements

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Rowdy Mermaid Custom Crew Socks