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Nestled on La Furtuna Estate mere kilometers outside Corleone, Sicily, Bona Furtuna is a harmonious 300-hectare organic farm that celebrates premium, organic fare to enrich biodiversity, promote sustainable farming and preserve heritage food.

Under the watchful eye of Master Botanist and Agronomist, Pasquale “Mimmo” Marino, an extensive knowledge of the Sicilian ecosystem is blended with advanced technology to help preserve heirloom fare and create a flavor that is truly representative of the land.

Bona Furtuna creates premium, organic Italian fare, preserving heritage with small producers and big flavor.

The team at Bona Furtuna was seeking a new approach to the company’s branded giveaways. We worked with the team to source and produce recycled canvas tote bags that took in the unique characteristics of the brand as a whole both in useability and in design.

Part of Bona Furutna’s mission is a dedicated to preserving the biological heritage of Sicily not just in their meticulous ingredient selection process but in also by studying and observing the unique ecosystem in order to preserve ancient varietals and uphold traditional practices that have been passed down through generations of Sicilian artisans.

To bring in this important part of the brand’s ethos, we sourced a recycled canvas tote bag made from 15 water bottles’ worth of recycled post-consumer plastic. A full-color imprinted design of eye-catching splattered bright red heirloom tomatoes decorates the front and back. The lettermark is placed on the lower left corner of the bags for a tastefully subtle touch of added branding.

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Recycled Canvas Totes for Bona Furtuna