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GoHealth is a marketplace for Medicare plans including Medicare Advantage, MediGap and Medicare Part D, which are programs administered through private health insurance companies. It also operates an online health insurance marketplace offering individual health insurance and short-term health insurance.

With ambitious plans to grow their workforce by over 1,200 new employees throughout 2021, we work with the team at GoHealth to create and produce individually packaged kits for every new employee.

As part of the onboarding process, new employees access an online storefront created exclusively for all new employees, also managed by our team here at Anthem Branding, to place the order for their kit. To create a sense of mystery as to what they will receive, the storefront showcases a fun, mysterious product image for the kit. Employees enter their shipping address through the storefront which is then packed and shipped from our Denver-based warehouse directly to the employee.

When the package arrives at the employee’s home, it's packaged with custom mailing tape and packaging. Inside employees are delighted to find the follow custom items:

1. Spiral journal in GoHealth blue. Features a blind debossed logo on the lower front cover and includes a custom tip-in page with a welcome letter from the company’s CEO.

2.Eco-Rest mouse pad decorated with in full color outlining a map of the U.S. with location pins to show the company’s offices and virtual locations. The GoHealth Mission, To improve access to healthcare in America, is printed on the mouse pad as a way to keep it top-of-mind throughout the workday.

3.Ballpoint stylus pen with a digitally-printed GoHealth logo. Keeping in mind that employees will be going back and forth between taking handwritten notes and using a touchscreen device, these pens take into account the daily life of employees -- a thoughtful detail that says the company is setting them up for productivity and success.

4. Blue Light blocking glasses with a screen printed GoHealth logo centered on the right arm to help ease eye strain of working at a computer for 8 hours a day.

5. H2go Next 16 oz. stainless steel water bottle. Wrapped in a matte navy color and screen printed with the GoHeath logo vertically centered on both sides, these bottles have a great hand feel and are a perfect size to keep on your desk to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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New Employee Kits for GoHealth

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