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Evolve Vacation Rental, based in Denver, CO, is a hospitality company with a mission to make renting a vacation home easy for both owners and guests. We designed and produced custom cut & sew hoodies. Learn about all of the unique custom details from Anthem Branding's Ted Church.

Hey, I'm Ted Church with Anthem Branding. And today I want to showcase the custom jacquard knit beanie we produce for Evolve Vacation Rentals. These beanies are a lower crown, no pom with a cuff. They feature a sueded leather patch with a laser-etched Evolve logo for a little bit of an elevated retail finish. Then we jacquard knitted in the wave pattern. We custom dyed the fabric of the beanie to match Evolve's Pantone colors that they were after. And then we finished it off with a nice woven label with a secondary Evolve logo with a knit loop label that fits on the cuff, and that can be worn and flipped over. So if you decided to wear this beanie as a slouch beanie, you'd still have branding to recognize it. And it's in a very soft, acrylic, blended beanie to keep you warm and fits really well. It's got a four-way stretch, so it fits any size head and looks great, a great way to represent the brand with a custom beanie.

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Custom Beanie for Evolve Vacation Rental