About This Project

Sondermind is a technology and healthcare company with a mission to redesign behavioral healthcare by improving access, utilization, and outcomes. Founded in 2014 by Mark Frank, Sondermind brings together patients and doctors, while providing education and resources for both. We worked closely with the Sondermind team to create branded notebooks, pens, and tea mugs crafted to inspire creativity and empower individuals on their mental health journeys.

The sleek notebook features the Sondermind logo across the front and back, exuding professionalism and trust. Their mission, core values, and an area to write your personal goals are printed conveniently on the first page. The ceramic tea mug captures the essence of tranquility and self-care and showcases Sondermind's logo, elegantly merging modern aesthetics with a soothing color palette. Its ergonomic design and comfortable handle provide a delightful experience for tea lovers, encouraging moments of relaxation and reflection.

These down-to-earth designs are the result of a smooth and simple collaboration process, speaking to the core values of Sondermind and Anthem alike!

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Employee Gift Set for Sondermind