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Originally founded in 1992 by world-renowned skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, Birdhouse is a well-known skateboarding brand backed by some of the most prominent skateboarders in the world. As an iconic athlete and a role model, Hawk is also one of the most sought after product endorsers, public speakers and entrepreneurs in the world. With a social media following numbering in the millions, Tony Hawk is as recognizable as it gets.

The team at Birdhouse came to Anthem for help on a custom jacquard knit pom beanie for their crew. Our designers worked closely with them to craft this stylish pom beanie for skaters and fans alike to show their support for Tony Hawk’s brand.

The beanie customizations include a custom jacquard knit logo, custom woven loop lapel, custom two 3 color pom, and a custom interior private label.

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Custom Pom Beanies for Birdhouse