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Custom Hoodies for Human Design.

Hey everybody. Ted from Anthem Branding here. Today, I want to talk about one of our featured custom hoodies that we recently produced for Human Design, an agency in Colorado. One of the nice things, when we're building a hoodie from scratch, is we're able to build it in panels. So, a great example of why you would want to do that is, this particular hoodie features an embroidery right on the kangaroo pocket. If you were to take an off-the-shelf hoodie and try to just embroider in this location, you'd end up sewing the pocket shut. But because we build it in panels, we're able to sew it first and then sew the pocket onto the sweatshirt, so you're able to get your hand in there and not have the pocket be sewn shut. This particular hoodie is made of a French terry fabric. It's a very soft hand. You see that this is the difference between French terry versus a brush back.

It features a nice, black, Human Design logo on the front, as well as the embroidery. Then, the entire interior of the, and liner of the hood is decorated with Human Design's colors. So, it allows us to go all the way, edge to edge, seam to seam. You can't do that with an off-the-shelf hoodie. Then finally, this nice placement for the back, with their additional branding. Then, another nice feature, then again, when we're custom cutting and sewing, is we're able to add a woven label to the cuff and the rib knit here and again, sewing it down, so it doesn't show through on the other side, because it's done as, again in panels. So, when you're looking to do custom hoodies, you're able to achieve all these surprise and delight touches when going custom versus off-the-shelf. When you're ready to talk about a custom hoodie, please reach out and fill out a form and get in touch, and we'll be happy to work with you.

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Custom Hoodie for Human Design